Excellent definition. I especially like the "self absorbed bandwidth glutton" part speaking only for myself :-) !

From comments to Scoble's Moblogging? The birth of BloggerCon session:


It's a postcard to the world, a travelogue from everytraveler, a phone home, a glimpse from the edge for the agoraphobic mouse potato, a telegram from the almost-now, a newsbrief from the quotidian, one-second developing, a breath of fresh air to the cyber-suffocating, a shout from the treetop, a boombox blast, a wail from the dorm room, a rocket report at a Mexican fiesta, saying there's a party going on and you aren't there. Also a new toy for the self-absorbed, a bandwidth glutton when there are starving net-free pre-IPeople in (fill in the blan


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