In other words, PR is dead!

From Andrew Lark: Triangulation Of News...:


While I haven't seen any research that supports this, I suspect readers instantaneous ability to triangulate news places an even greater onus on media relations teams to get the news out to all the outlets relevant to their audiences in a fairer and more systematic way. If you look at the example above you will also see the need to manage a much deeper and more powerful ecosystem. Content isn't buried in newsgroups any more, it's on the web in living color.

Non traditional news sources are now need to be a key component of companies' communications strategy. Not doing so in my mind reduces the credibility and impact of not just the news but also the company.

And as readers, we will look for diversity of opinion and reporting style. There couldn't be a greater contrast than The Register and The Wall Street Journal but I value them equally as sources. And they are one tab, blog - and one RSS feed, away from my cursor. Media are coming under greater pressure to report accurately and with smarts. Dan Rather can't hide from sloppy journalism. No one can.

New news channels call for new strategies. Effective communicators will increasingly look to instigate a direct dialogue with their audiences and communities outside of the press release or any particular media outlet.

Enter the blog. And as the blog spreads virally through the media food chain the reader can triangulate content, determining the credibility and importance of the news on their terms. News will become less engineered by public relations teams and much fresher.

A new information ecosystem is emerging with new critters altering the food-chain. And some will end up extinct.


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