All products are social and all products have communities and all of Troy's writing in the following post is spot on. Read this and follow it and even better hire Troy and benefit from his wisdom.

From Troy Angrignon - Adventure Capitalist :: The Technology Buyer's Manifesto:


Dear Technology Companies:

We have been hanging out with each other for quite a while now, years actually. And like any good relationship, sometimes one has to say things in a way that are so clear, so unequivocal, that their meaning can not possibly be misinterpreted. And it hurts to hear words spoken so bluntly but sometimes it is necessary. Now is one of those times. Please accept the following sometimes harsh words in the spirit in which they are intended - the opener in an honest, bright-light-of-day discussion about how our relationship has been these many years past and how it must change in the future in order for me to continue partnering with you.

Here goes....


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