Steve continues to nail it! More please! And more frequently please!

No matter what you call it, on the web, the link is everything. Amen to that Steve and see you at Gnomedex (yes I am registered, and yes we will talk about attention.xml I hope!). Finally, I will never give up on humans as being the most effective filters no matter how great search feeds become.

From Vote with your feed.:


Which leads us to podcasting. I’ve been constrained by NDA and negotiations from discussing podcasting too much in the months since I shelved the Gillmor Gang. But the notion that podcasting is an inefficient use of time, vulnerable to its inability to be skimmed, and no threat to the broadcast incumbents–feh. Just as the Syndisphere is upending print and online publishing, so is it taking on the rest of the media. No, it’s not destroying MSM. It is the new MSM. The users are in control, have been for months. The incumbents are burning up the emailosphere trying to corral this beast.

Finally, a question: in the Syndisphere, is the link the fundamental coin of the realm. If not, what is?


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