The title comes from Scott Hanson. The Manila Illuminati live :-) ! Go Susan go!

From The sources I’m using for this project.:


I've posted links to all the sources I'm using for this -Liveblogging the bomb, 60 years later- project. In the sidebar are quick links, and there's also a link to a more detailed description of each offering. This is but a subset of written and documentary work about the Manhattan Project canon, and I won't be reaching much past this for this blogproject (but I do look forward to a trip to the bookstore at The Atomic Museum and/or Socorro, NM, bookstores). These are books from my personal library, augmented by some others I checked out from the local community college library.

Now.. here's an interesting little conundrum about fair use and remix culture. The value of this remix here is that dribbles out the descriptions of events in real time, to match the pace that they occurred in 60 years ago. So you read it as it happened. Assuming, of course that you're reading this. (Are you?) As I sit and compose several posts (thank you, Wordpress for time release posts!) about a certain day, all referenced from one or two consecutive pages from Rhodes or Szasz, I worry about a visitation from the Copyright Police, from the Cease-and-Desist police. (Does it help you, O Imagined Police, that I have book sales links that interested people may Buy and Read The Whole Thing?) I think that weblog-as-performance art (or history) is sufficiently new. But after I wrap, it will no longer be -in real time.- And these are litigious times. I don't want this cool thing to do with a weblog to back fire. Or be a dud.


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