Had a great time at the HD debate betwen Amber MacArthur and Leo Laporte moderated by Tod Maffin at Future Shop (Dave Olson's perspectives, Miss 604's liveblogging, Derek's pictures, Smith's photos; check out the awesome definitely NOT HD video from the N93 after the jump). Herewith some random observations:

  1. Broadcast stuff is not for me. I'll keep my 4 free channels via my rabbit ears and keep randomly watching TV when I feel like until I am forced to trade to digital.
  2. I'd much prefer to download a non DRMed video from Apple or wherever with or without ads (especially if those ads were tailored to me and why shouldn't they be! I like ads about stuff I care about like digital cameras, family stuff, decent local non franchise restaurants, etc not about stuff like A&W or Tim Horton's or other not so great stuff) and I'd pay something reasonable like $0.99 for an episode without ads
  3. For sports events like hockey games, I'd prefer to stream over the internet again with ads I care about or $0.99 (or something reasonable) without ads
  4. Cable TV or TV from a t*lco is not in my future unless I become a millionaire because their "bundles" of channels are not how I watch stuff nor are they what I want to watch
  5. HDMI and HDCP s*ck; why bother? Like all DRM infested stuff, a total waste of time
  6. High resolution LCD wide screen monitors for my computer that double as TVs are my future; like Amber, I like Samsung (I am writing this on a 22 inch Samsung widescreen)


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