It appears nobody in Vancouver uses Nokia phones and ShoZu even though it's FANTASTIC because nobody has taken me up on my free ShoZu help in exchange for coffee offer. Bloodied :-) (ok, not really!)  I am but undaunted as well, here's another offer: Free photo GPS tagging tutorials using Nokia ViNe and Nokia Sports Tracker and Nokia phones in exchange for coffee. Interested? Email roland AT or text me: 604 729 7924 or twitter rtanglao

From Geotags help locate photos by Jeffrey Simpson in the Georgia Straight


An avid cyclist, Tanglao takes photos during his rides and has more than 44,000 photos on Flickr, a great many of them geotagged. Recently, he’s been taking pictures with a Nokia N95, a smartphone with a five-megapixel camera whose image quality rivals that of some basic stand-alone digital cameras. With a built-in global-positioning-system receiver, the N95 automatically tags photos with geographic data


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