(in no order, just numbered for convenience, "top" means I wore the record or cassette out through repeated playing :-))

Top 10 albums of my teenage years:

  1. The Beat -- Special Beat Service - (I confess and Save it for later!!!!!)
  2. ABC -- Lexicon of Love (add and subtract but as a matter of fact)
  3. The The-- Soulmining (every track especially loved Perfect)
  4. Joe Jackson -- Night and Day (up town downtown; I was trying to find Chinatown)
  5. Heaven 17 -- The Luxury Gap (although I played the UK import 12" of Let Me Go even more!)
  6. Roxy Music -- Avalon (perfect melancholy )
  7. Dexy's Midnight Runner's -- Too rye ay ('til I believe in my Soul!)
  8. The Smiths -- The Smiths (simply the best angst)
  9. New Order -- Power Corruption and Lies - the floppy!!!!!!! Confusion is my favorite New Order track of all time ! Blue Monday!!!!
  10. Bruce Springsteen -- The River (I loved that album and then I bought the whole back catalogue and loved it, didn't like anything to do with Reagan so didn't like Born in the USA but that was Raygun's :-) fault not Bruce's: The River, Cadillac Ranch, Hungry Heart, never seen Bruce live though)

Honorable Mentions:

  • Kings - Are Here (I loved This beat goes on/Switching' to Glide)
  • Fleetwood Mac -- Rumours (my sister loved it! i hated it at first but learned to love it)
  • The Kinks - One for the Road (live) - Ray Davies is God!
  • The Style Council -- Introducing the Style Council, i was mesmerized by Long Hot Summer
  • The 12" of The Message - original rap forever :-)
  • I loved the albums that Barb mentioned too (but most of them weren't during my teenage years):

    Depeche Mode -- Construction Time Again
    Depeche Mode--Black Celebration
    The The -- Soulmining
    The Grapes of Wrath -- September Bowl of Green
    The Payola$ -- No Stranger to Danger
    Echo and the Bunnymen -- Ocean Rain
    The Psychedelic Furs -- Forever Now
    The Smiths -- The Smiths
    The Smiths -- The Queen is Dead
    54-40 -- 54-40

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