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MovableType is the Windows of Blog Systems

Submitted by Roland on Sat, 2004-03-20 01:32

Nice rant from Boris. Where is the Macintosh of Blog Systems? Drupal is more like the Linux of Blog Systems. More powerful but requires effort to learn because it is not user friendly. Perhaps Wordpress is the Mac of Blog Systems (or personal publishing systems as Boris likes to call Blog Systems) but I doubt it. Probably need somebody as fanatical as Steve Jobs to get that and as far as I can see, nobody in the Blog world (except maybe Brent Simmons) has his eye for visual aesthetics and usability.

Anyways, the prime reason I am now using MT is that it is the best blogging platform to build software on top of at the moment. As a result, all the coolest toys (like ecto which I am writing this post with) work best with MT. And part of the reason why might be because it is built using Perl and CGIs which evidently, Boris and I share the same love/hate relationship with.

From MovableType is the Windows of the Personal Publishing World | B. Mann Consulting:

Everyone is all a-twitter that MT 3.0 is about to come out of hiding. Am I biased because I use a different publishing system? Probably.

But I maintain that MT has gotten to the top of the heap because of it's wide adoption. Much like Windows. Many people agree that OS X or even Linux is a technically superior operating system, but it's still Windows with the lion's share of the market. Much like MT.

So, herewith, a list of things that I don't like about MT.

These are in no particular order. I've used MT (kicking and screaming), but am by no means proficient. These are my opinions, so you can disagree with them. Feel free to comment or otherwise let me know if I get something factually wrong. And yes, I am talking about a default install.



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