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Google's real target is Windows

Submitted by Roland on Thu, 2004-04-08 05:03

This makes perfect sense to me. I say go for it Google! Can a Google hegemony be any worse than the current Microsoft one?

FromGooOS, the Google Operating System (


Google isn't worried about Yahoo! or Microsoft's search efforts...although the media's focus on that is probably to their advantage. Their real target is Windows. Who needs Windows when anyone can have free unlimited access to the world's fastest computer running the smartest operating system? Mobile devices don't need big, bloated OSes...they'll be perfect platforms for accessing the GooOS. Using Gnome and Linux as a starting point, Google should design an OS for desktop computers that's modified to use the GooOS and sell it right alongside Windows ($200) at CompUSA for $10/apiece (available free online of course). Google Office (Goffice?) will be built in, with all your data stored locally, backed up remotely, and available to whomever it needs to be (SubEthaEdit-style collaboration on Word/Excel/PowerPoint-esque documents is only the beginning). Email, shopping, games, music, news, personal publishing, etc.; all the stuff that people use their computers for, it's all there.



Don't fail me now Roland. The culture of all these companies, including Google, precludes "letting a thousand flowers bloom" which is what weblogging is enabling. Do you really want a Google office? Isn't what you want a company like Streamline that will help one understand the paradigm shift and avoid proprietary lock ins like the one Google is attempting?

hi anon!

the only thing we know is that google is offering an email service

we don't know about the hegemony or lock-in YET

i'll reserve my judgement then

but yes I do prefer a world of a million small companies like StreamLine than a world one major companies with sycophantic companies orbiting around it :-) !

and I will work towards "letting a thousand flowers bloom"

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