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No recording iPod for podcasters and videobloggers - Roland's 2006 Predictions Part 2

Submitted by Roland on Fri, 2005-12-23 20:23

Remember my predictions are worth what you pay for them :-)

Prediction number 2: Apple will not introduce an iPod with built in recording (and leave it to 3rd party manufacturers which is OK but it would great for podcasters if they had an iPod for podcasters) nor will they introduce anything to record video (on a phone or otherwise). This is one prediction I hope will not come true because I think there is a market for a iPod for podcasters and Apple has the ability to make it a truly easy to use, seamless experience from microphone back to the iPod.



First, best of the season to you. Second the iPod is already close, at least for podcasting. Tech specs on the video iPod include:

Voice recording settings:
Low (22.05 KHz, mono)
High (44.1 KHz, stereo)

I haven't tried it out (can't afford a new one), but that's plenty of audio quality. You still need something like an iTalk.

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