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Sony Mylo or Nokia 770?

Submitted by Roland on Mon, 2006-09-25 03:30

The Mylo looks sweet, but I doubt I will ever get one because it's Sony (which means it's proprietary in the wrong ways; I don't like Memory Sticks for example or the proprietary movie media format on the PSP) and I want the openness and hackability of Linux and I want Jabber. All of which the Nokia 770 does better it would appear.

FROM Sony Mylo - In Stores Now...:


My first impression -- this may be for Sony in this decade what the Walkman was for them in the 1980's. Web access, photos, videos, WiFi connectivity, media player -- they were all there in a device smaller than the original Walkman.



Sony or Nokia? Make mine Nokia anyday. Sony is fine for some for sure. But in terms of user-friendliness? Nokia is the way. In every sense of the word. From the interface to its programmability. Nokia is undisputedly the king of the hill in my book.

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