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S60 Python Success - Got Sample code to work, Nokia doesn't work

Submitted by Roland on Sat, 2007-10-20 20:24

Yay! Go my hello world program to work and finally got the OS X Bluetooth console to work. The trick is to:

ls -l /dev

and use the last tty for the screen command

e.g. if the last modified tty is tty.bt_console6

then you have to do screen /dev/tty.bt_console6

Now on to to create a program to create video in ego blogging mode (i.e. with screen facing you) using the high res camera.

I can't get the following code to work:

import appuifw

import camera
import e32
from camera import *
def cb(im):

def cb2(im):

import graphics

canvas = appuifw.Canvas() = canvas


start_record('E:\\Python\whatever.mp4', cb2 )

and I can't get the Nokia from Nokia's python sample code wiki page to work, help!


In my opinion the python programming language has been the most efficient so far; there has been implementations for iPhone, Nokia N800 and Symbian. If you ask me python is the most powerfull weapon Nokia has against all the "big players" in the market. I just hope something as simple & powerfull as Python wins...

but the signing issue, the fact that certain APIs like the video recording one don't work on video phones like the N93 and the fact that python is not built in means it's not ready for prime time. just a great prototyping environment, not much else

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