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Mobile Camp Vancouver 2 is this Saturday at WorkSpace

Submitted by Roland on Thu, 2008-09-04 10:20

Ooops forgot to blog about Mobile Camp Vancouver 2 unconference (topics and sessions decided the day of, all welcome from users to hard core devs to artists and sales and marketing folks!)

Here are my session ideas

    • session on SIFT Mobile Muse social media aggregator for SMS, video, photos, etc
    • Bug Labs - my Bug arrives in late September, app brainstorming session
    • BIKUX - linux stamp/beagle board/crazy apps on a portable connected
      solar powered Linux computere brainstorm session (e.g. games and geo
    • Reinventing Nokia mobile  - Brainstorming session on cool
      things Nokia could/should do in light of the iPhone, Android, etc - I
      am going to Finland on September 8th for a Nokia Conference and might
      be able to give this feedback to them directly

As well i'd like to work with John Biehler, Parveen Kaler and others on some iPhone sessions:

1) state of jail break

2) tethering

3) app development commiseration (that NDA s*xors)

4) what's on your iPhone i.e. fav apps

See you all on Saturday September 6th at WorkSpace in Gastown!



It was great to find so many friendly, intelligent and energized people all in one place but I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone I wanted to.

Thanks to everyone who particpated and especially to the Handi guys who seemed to make everything magically come together.

I agree on the sad state of the NDA, but free thinking will prevail. Bringing people together helps make ideas become real.

I'm thrilled with PhoneGap, iU and the great stuff Jim Pick has done with TiddlyWiki.

Now it's time for me to code. I'm looking forward to the next event!

Heard from a Nokia related source that Rogers has agreed to support Ovi. Does that mean Canada gets the music store also? Is the modern age finally upon us?

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