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Nokia Open Lab 2008 - Video Wrapup

Submitted by Roland on Tue, 2008-09-30 23:18

My video reflections on Nokia Open Lab 2008 (wiki)

Show Notes (selected)

It's been 3 weeks since Nokia Open Lab 2008 (wiki) in Helsinki and my mind is still reeling! If you don't want to watch my video (apologies for the audio quality) above, check out the show notes (which summarize maybe half of the video!):

  1. Fantastic people, fantastic event, in particular the women I had a chance to really speak with were great: Micki, Jen and Anne - glad I had a chance to have in-depth conversations with you all. I suggest that the event needs  to be longer next time and include more non native English speakers in a more inclusive manner
  2. The environment is everything. We need to get beyond an economy based on "gadget obsolescence". It's the end of  business as usual as Umair says. Thanks for leading me to further insight about the environment, Micki!
  3. Nokia gratuitous advice time :-) Team 1 milks the cash cow of S60 by refining it. Team 2 starts with a clean sheet and comes up with a mobile to make the early adopters once again fall in love with Nokia (hint: it's got to be open, it's got to be an holistic experience, perhaps it's green, perhaps it's a lifetime hardware subscription, a lifetime phone!)
  4. How about a"DeviceCamp" where people like the Nokia Open Lab Participants come together with Nokia Software and  Hardware people (under NDA if need be!) to produce a real device over a long weekend? It could be designed in a Wiki or in a visual riffing service like ConceptShare beforehand! Let's do it in Vancouver!
  5. Nokia you know where to find me if you need further input and feedback! Love to help!
  6. To everybody at Nokia Open Lab 2008: Come to Vancouver and I'll help you get a rental bicycle and I'll show you my city!


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Hey Roland... It was great meeting with you and sharing ideas, not to mention wandering around Helsinki jet-lagged!

Great summary... I am finally posting my own, and will probably reflect more later as I put out there my initial thoughts and noodle on it further.

I also look forward to taking you up on your offer to tour your home city... and keep me in the loop on any events up your way!


Hi Roland,

It was a true treat to meet you, I really enjoyed listening to your input during the brainstorming sessions, as well as talking to you outside of the sessions.

I think it would be great if Nokia expanded this to include not just ideation but also creation.  A mobile create/hack/make event that would run with the ideation brainstorming - and not separate out the two crowds but have them work together in the teams.

As for virtual vs. real space, I think what made this event such a true treat is that we all gathered together in the meat space and not just on our computers.  I am on my computer all day every day - communicating with folks online has become the mundane, so going to Helsinki  for the event was truly a break through the mundane and into the extraordinary.

I think if each of us and our societies' make an effort to create a whole lifestyle of envirnomental awareness/action, then a trip a year half way around the globe may be of less impact than the normal North American consumer lifestyle.

I do wish the Danah Boyd and/or Anne Galloway and/or Molly Steenson Wright had also been in attendance or speaking or facilitating.


especially about changing our way of life, ideation, annie galloway, molley steenson wright et al (e.g. mobile jones)

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Finally scouring the web for all the openlab content as I've FINALLY got round to writing up my stuff...

Glad to see I'm not the only one that chose the video route! Much easier that way huh?

Watching this video back - I kinda feel bad I didn't get more time to talk to you dude... But hey, that's what we all wanted wasn't it?
More. Time.


Hopefully we'll meet again at a similar event (if that's even possible?!) in the future... 

Was it a success for Nokia? Putting my branding head on.. 

"Nokia, connecting people"


I'd say that was a resounding YES. 



PS - Hoping to get over to CA next year. Will shout when I know. :)

PPS - Dude, touched by your compliments. Thank you. :)

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