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Upgraded my Bryght VPS to Acquia 1.2.4, Drupal 6.10, tinymce 3.2.2 and WYSIWYG 6.x-1.1

Submitted by Roland on Mon, 2009-03-09 00:41

It's as easy as "git pull". Check out my commits on my public rt-d6 repository if you want to see what's up on my server (which admittedly is of limited interest). If you just want to use Acquia 1.2.4, then check out:

my acquia drupal 6 repository.


Mate, I'e just found your site on blogcatalog. We must have ver similar taste... You are using the same CMS : drupal; the same theme, the same scm : git. It's almost scary..

I develop a drupal module for displaying git repositoies called 'repository', the only difference is that you use github to host your stuff.. (If you want you can pull my repository git module)

I don't know , you might even want to do some drupal module developement in that area , in which case any contribution is welcome.. :)

By the way at some point I'm gonna further customize the look of my site which would give us less identical looking blogs :D Anyway that's the drawback when you get you theme from

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