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N97 Review Day 8 and 9 - No Keyguard lock issues but not impressed by pixelpipe and share online

Submitted by Roland on Sat, 2009-07-11 22:10

OK, I am voluntarily living without ShoZu to see if it is causing the "N97 keyguard switch not unlocking the phone" problem, so I have tried using Share Online and Pixelpipe (running V11 firmware, unlocked N97-1, Fido SIM) but I am not happy (pretty hard to be happy with another solution after using ShoZu to upload over 28000 photos, I guess!):

  1. Share online doesn't resume when you lose connectivity and re-gain connectivity (which Shozu does very well)
  2. Share online doesn't show you transfer status so you never know when/if your upload works unless you check the flickr or pixelpipe website (pretty sure this is a Share Online bug not a pixelpipe bug)
  3. Pixepipe routing tags don't work for two flickr accounts. I have set up my account ( to route to my family account (wongtanglao on flickr) when the routing tag "@family" is added. But that doesn't work. The photo goes to my public account (roland on flickr). I have tried putting the @family in the title, body and the Nokia Share Online tags field for the photo but it doesn't work, the photo still goes to instead of HELP, please! All assistance gratefully received and if I fix it of course I will blog a followup!



1&2. Are you using Share Online 4.30 (beta)? The latest version supports resume, background uploads and even has an Outbox which includes a status of your uploads.

After installation you'll find you can upload photos & video with one click directly from the N97 camera and gallery via Pixelpipe, the uploads happen in the background and we also support uploads of audio and files as well as a max size of 200MB for each file.

3. Routing Tags are a very popular feature for us, yes they work great however you need to have your accounts set up correctly.

From the sound of things you may have authenticated the same account twice. Try uploading to the 2nd account directly from Quick Post to verify it's been configured, if the upload goes to the 1st account log out of Flickr and add the 2nd account again. You'll need to then log-in to Flickr with the detail for the 2nd account, Flickr will return a token to us and we can upload on your behalf.

Let us know how this goes for you, if you're having issues with your setup you can reach us at and we'll have a look for you.


As a long time daily user of Nokia's Lifeblog mobile app & ShoZu, I find both Share Online & PixelPipe to be a sub-standard user interface and user experience and I don't use them.

Which means that in the last week with the N97, I haven't been moblogging because I find PixelPiple & Share Online so frustrating.

my current issues are:

  1. no upload indicator (unlike shozu), so it's quite easy to upload the same picture twice (since you can only do 30 photos at a time)
  2. pixelpipe sometimes (pattern unpredictable) doesn't upload my photos

What type of phone are you using?  I am on T-Mobile and I use Photobucket Mobile Uploader, and it has been by far the best experience to date for me. 

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