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Technical Support Lead for Mozilla Messaging - c'est moi

Submitted by Roland on Thu, 2009-10-15 23:54

A belated gig change post: Since July 21, 2009, I have been Technical Support Lead at Mozilla Messaging. It's been quite the wild ride. I have been immersed in Mozilla Messaging's product, the open source Thunderbird  Email client (in particular getting ready for Thunderbird 3 currently scheduled for November which has a plethora of improvements including the super spiffy global search) as well as tweaking the Mozilla Messaging Implementation of Get Satisfaction for Thunderbird support as well as starting the deployment of a Knowledge Base for Thunderbird. Busy times! Good times!

Sidenote: I'd completely forgotten the intensity of focus that's needed to ship a big product like Thunderbird; couple that with the knowledge that millions of people will be using it and with the history of Mozilla makes for a unique experience for me because the Unix network management software I worked on at Nortel was big but only used by 100s of users and even then by all reports most of the features were unused, contrast that with Thunderbird where seemingly every feature no matter how obscure is used by lots of folks!


Hi: I am searching for info on Love's Cafe. A google brought me to a photo of a plaque that honored this cafe, which I believe closed in 1942.

That search also led me to your site. Do you know of this cafe? Any info would be appreciated. I am compiling (hopefully) historical info for insertion in the Restaurant Ware Collectors Network ID pages. I have a china creamer from this cafe. One of the other members has a small plate. We work together to compile ID information on restaurant china.

All I have so far is the owner's name, I believe was Bert Love. It existed on Granville St in Vancouver and closed in 1942.

Also, I would like permission to use the photo of the plaque in the ID entry at the Collectors' Network.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Carol Cardona

Hi Carol!

I just took the picture :-) That's all, wish i could help further!

feel free to use it for whatever reason you want as long as you give me some sort of attribution e.g. "Roland Tanglao photo" or "photo by Roland Tanglao"

and if you have time, email me, roland AT with the URL of whereever the photo shows up!

Roland, Thanks so much for the permission. When we have the ID entry complete I will send you the link.

Thanks again,