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N900 Review Part 1 - Great potential but Maemo 5 still a work in progress

Submitted by Roland on Mon, 2010-05-03 00:39

[thanks to WOMWORLD Nokia for the N900 review unit, the following is my usual stream of consciousness; conclusions later :-) !]

Things I like:

  1. Eye Candy - Great Effects
  2. Audio - Fun sound effects
  3. The truly open potential of Maemo since Maemo (now Meego) is a "normal Linux" not some half open / half proprietary b*stardized Linux like Android. This means out of the box I can install with minimal effort and do all the normal Linux things like install Ruby, python, use SSH etc
  4. Firefox ! Yes. Being able to write Firefox add-ons and HTML5 webapps is (eventually once the speed is improved and Firefox has some time to iterate and improve)) going to be very very good thing
  5. Camera while not as great as the N82 is much better than the iPhone

Things I don't like:

  1. Phone is an app and seems like a half baked app at that. Not sure how to invoke it.
  2. The media player app doesn't multi-task with the camera app. If I am playing music and switch to the camera app, the music stops
  3. Touch Screen is unresponsive
  4. UI performance seems to lag and the latency of the UI is often too slow. Seems very sluggish in other words
  5. No real twitter client, give me something like Gravity please
  6. No ShoZu - the built in sharing programs and PixelPipe are not my cup of tea; I prefer my multi-media to be uploaded automatically (or at least not 1 at a time; need to be able to select unlimited number of photos and videos and upload them)
  7. Maemo UI is non-intuitive but it has potential (to me Meego has more potential in the long run than Symbian!)
  8. Camera is sluggish when processing photos and is also slow to power up and auto-focus and to take a shot when compared to the N82


although I'm not nearly enough of a linux geek to take advantage of the N900...everything else feels ancient compared to Android and iPhone OSs...the screen is nice though. I haven't found the camera that great or even better than the iPhone which still shines brighter IMO thanks to much better app support.

Should be interesting to compare notes later this week at MGV.

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I second the Twitter client recommendation - I think Tweego has potential but I'd much rather see a version of Gravity (which I love). Dito for Facebook - I hate having to load up a browser every time. Would be much nicer to have an app.

As for Shozu...I guess it's just personal taste because I actually really like PP but then I have a different use - having both options would be ideal.

Sluggish is true - I still haven't found a media player that I really like though I'm starting to get used to the built in one and with the auto scrobble option, add-on, it's pretty sweet for the social media addicted.


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