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iPhone4 HD Video is a killer app - James Burland's HD video's proof of the awesome sound & video quality - Game on N8 :-) !

Submitted by Roland on Fri, 2010-06-25 07:55

James Burland's (a video and still cameraphone expert since the N90 and N93 days))  stunning video of a bee pollinating flowers shows the high quality sound and video of the iPhone 4 camera.

Total killer app for parents and aspiring film makers !! Who needs a Canon 5D Mark II? You could easily do something like the Blair Witch Project with shaky non stabilized video on the iPhone 4.

Don't believe me? Register for vimeo, download James Burland's iphone 4 HD video, put on your headphones and check it out.

Because I have tried an N8 prototype, I know the Nokia N8's stills are better than the iPhone 4 stills but not sure the N8's videos are going to be better than iPhone 4. Bring on the competition!


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That is true iphone 4 had high quality camera and good quality sound. But now I am eagerly waiting for iphone 6s. It is said that it has a virtual keyboard that can be dragged out from the screen to a horizontal surface.


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