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Wind Mobile software billing bug says I was data roaming when I wasn't

Submitted by Roland on Mon, 2010-06-28 07:38

Got my first Wind Mobile bill on the weekend and it says I was "data roaming" when I stayed in the Wind Home zone. It says the following:


WIND AWAY Zone + Roaming $7.64

WIND AWAY Zone + Roaming charges kick in when you use your phone outside a foreign country. We’re constantly improving our reach across Canada so we can give you the best service possible.For an up-to-date map of WIND HOME & AWAY Zones visit or call us toll free 1-877-80WIND1


Date Time 06/17 02:10 PM 1.865 MB Away $7.64


I believe this is a bug. I was not in a Wind Away Zone. I spent the whole day of Thursday June 17, 2010 in East Vancouver, and Gastown, all of which are in the Wind Home Zone. Anybody else experience this? Is this really a bug? I'll contact Wind support but love to hear what others have experienced.



My guess is that Wind's billing system doesn't actualy keep track of where you are, but only bills you based on who's tower you are connecting too. So if you lose signal to a wind tower for any reason and the phone falls back to bell/telus/rogers they might bill you for roaming.

Is wind clever enough to notice that you are roaming someplace they "should" have had coverage and waive the charges, or do they bill you for "roaming" in deadzones within their own footprint.

I'd like to know how that turned out for you.

Hi Roland,

Please let me know how it turned out with you.  Did you end it by paying the roaming charges or WINDMOBILE correct it for you?  I am in a situation like you.  Last Christmas, I signed up for the Holiday Miracle Plan, which is unlimited talk, text and data in WIND Zone for $40/mth.  Unfortunately, my invoice just came yesterday as $180, which I'm charged for away+roaming calls, messages and data regardless I was in the Wind zone.  I spoke to a WIND representative, after an hour waiting, he said my invoice will be investigated and WIND will get back to me.  He said, however, he is not sure if the charges would be dropped.  I wonder how many WIND customers have got charges like us out there.  It is ridiculous when I'm liable for using my cellphone in WIND zone and it picks up other phone carriers' networks?  Please help.



Hi sorry to hear that Anne! Wish I could help!

Is your roaming data turned off? my guess is that android also leaks data (like Nokia's Maemo and Symbian OSes and unlike iPhone) even if data roaming is turned off. Don't have a clue about Blackberry

if you are running maps or some other program in the background the N900 with maemo or N8 with symbian will prompt for data and it's quite easy to inadvertently accept the roaming request. Maemo and Symbian need to have a 100% effective "turn off data roaming" switch like the iPhone

While you are in the wind zone, if you do not get signal from wind tower, and you are connected to the others, you will be charged as long distant. also when you call wind billing, you will wait for hours with out aswer. good luck! you pay what you get man! the other people answer you will tell it is not my job to answer you, you are done. 

I have same plan and problems like Anne. Still working with WIND and resolution yet.  Please let me know how it turned out with you.

I signed up for Wind based on one of their promotional plans. $25 credit for six months. Initially they gave me one credit then nothing more appeared. I phoned 2 months later and they said sorry and gave me $50 for the 2 months and reassured me I would receive credits for the next 3 months. Nothing more happened, so I phoned three months later asking where are my credits and now they state that my plan was not eligible for the promotional offer and that everyone I spoke to 3 and six months ago made a mistake. I had confirmed my eligibility with the salesperson before I signed up, and 3 help desk employees confirmed that I was eligible. It's sad, there is so much opportunity for a good cellphone company in Canada but Wind seems to be taking lessons from Telus and Rogers on how to treat their customers. Dave

I have recieved multiple roaming charges while always being in the Wind coverage area in Toronto. I called and was told that there was nothing they could do, refused to remove the charges. I thought this was an isolated situation until I read of many instances of this happening. Now I read your blog and see that this problem? has been around for over a year and not corrected. Could that mean that it is not inadvertant but on purpose?


I have had nothing but problems with wind, since switching last July, they take no responsability for what there employees tell you, and if you question about why one agents tells you one thing and the next time you call you are told the oposite they usally just hang up on you, I think the worst one i had was some very rude manager named Skena from Eqypt I think she said, i actually work in the customer service field and I have never seen someone as rude as her, any body who acted like her on the phone would be fired by my company, all i have to say to anybody who is thi8nking about switching, is hope you never have to call there customer service, it should be called discustomer service