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Random GPS driven sounds from an N900 in python

Submitted by Roland on Fri, 2010-07-02 07:17

Check out, my N900 hack to produce random sounds from GPS coordinates (it's basically an unholy :-)  combination of from MIT and the PyMaemo Location API sample sound code using PyGame, thanks to the MIT and Maemo folks for sharing!). What should I do with this next? I have lots of ideas, love to hear what would be cool from others!


not sure how to do this, links to code would be very greatly appreciated, ruk :-) ! (assuming the confluence link doesn't have code but i haven't checked it out, will do tonight!)

I was discussing an application the other day that I would lioke to see, use GPS positioning to steer the music playing according to some preference. Some music is great to listen to when driving a car in the mountais for example while other music is better in the open fields. Add that to the speed of travelling (knowing if people walk, bicycle, drive the car or are sitting still) and perhaps even the weather would be a wonderful toy.

another great idea that i don't know how to implement :-) please make it so or find somebody who's worthy!