You are here is ok, but i want real music - use 12 major keys with 10 chords

Submitted by Roland on Tue, 2010-07-06 00:13

Continuing to have a great time with Python on the N900. I'll have to post later about how awesome it is to run N900 Python aka PyMaemo scripts  from a window on my Mac edited in Aquamacs using ange-ftp (or whatever it's called in the 21st century).

Anyhow came up with which is a modification of the script from to play gamelan (indonesian scale) music (using the code from from Matthew Brown, thanks!) based on the jitter from GPS Lat/Long (10 different sounds based on latitude and another 10 different gamelan sounds based on longitude)

Here's what it sounds like (short video from flickr):

Not so great sound. My next idea is to play more pleasing music

  • e.g. for each neighbourhood, pick a major key (there are twelve possible major keys in Western music AFAIK)
  • based on the latitude, play a major chord (one of 10 possible)
  • based on the longitude, play a minor chord (one of 10 possible)

My guess is this will produce more melodic and pleasing sound


Glad you're having fun with my program!

But this is funny, I didn't expect it to be used on a mobile phone mounted on a bike . . .

(  And by the way, gamelan is real music. Haha ;)  )

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