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Emacs over SSH - How I develop python programs directly on the N900

Submitted by Roland on Wed, 2010-07-21 07:36

Here's how I write Python programs on the N900 on my Mac

  1. installed the ssh package, open ssh server
  2. via ssh, I use to the ip address of the N900 (which I can see at all times with the personal IP address widget) and test stuff out interactively using python's command line interpreter, aka the python REPL
  3. when i am happy with the code that I have tested the REPL, I add it to the file on the N900 which I edit on emacs running on my mac using ange-ftp
  4. test the code out on the n900 from, 90% of the time it just works since I tested it in the REPL unlike my C/C++ days when something you never thought of always required you to re-compile

Easy, peasy. No need to learn silly :-) Java or C+ or wait for compilation and access to the full power of your Mac for google searches plus you can execute on the N900 directly. No need for silly :-) emulators which in my experience aren't very useful.


one of nokia's few remaining advantages is its power mangement. even with my crazy experimenting and hacking, my n900 battery lasts longer than the iPhone 3G (which i only use for voice and text and twitter)

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