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Why do I continue to use the N82 instead of the N900 for my cameraphone photos? A: ShoZu

Submitted by Roland on Tue, 2010-07-27 22:20

Tnkgrl brought up a good point today at lunch at Nuba. Why do I continue to use the N82 when the N900 is better (e.g. faster shot to shot, great macro, etc.) ?

The primary reason is ShoZu! There is no solution as far as I know on the N900 that will upload dozens of photos at once to flickr. If anybody knows of such a program for the N900, please let me know and I'll switch (I can't handle doing 12 at a time, it's a waste of time when you have taken 20-50 as I usually do!).


last time i checked, pixelpipe only does about 12 at a time

if it now does unlimited or the limit has been increased to something reasonable like 3 dozen then I'll be the first to praise it :-) as well as blog about it!

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