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Create your own custom daily Get Satisfaction email report with emailReport.rb

Submitted by Roland on Mon, 2010-08-02 23:42

UPDATE November 2011:

The code has been dramatically re-factored so i deleted it from the gist. Please use the revised code at:

For my technical support lead job at Mozilla Messaging, I continue to try to find the best way to sort and sift and help out folks who need support and identify the hot issues. We currently use Get Satisfaction for Thunderbird support and I subscribe via email to everything but it's really difficult to read through the over 200 emails a day that Get Satisfaction sends

So I developed over the last 9 months a series of Ruby scripts to see the most active support topics (getactive.rb),  the contributors who are actually being marked by the community of users as solving a support topic (getcontributors.rb), who's doing the most replies (gethappykludged.rb) and pick out some random support topics (getrandom.rb)

Up until last week I have been using these scripts on a manual basis but not as consistently as I would like since it's pain to run all four manually.

To make a single email report that ties together everything in one nice summary, last week I finally took 3 hours and wrote emailReport.rb (code after the jump). It's crude but it works and is a useful report that I run every day now for the previous day (e.g. on Monday morning, I run it for Sunday and Saturday). It runs all the above mentioned scripts and then emails a summary email:

Here's an example of how you invoke it:

(for August 2, 2010)

./emailReport.rb 2010 8 2 2010 8 2 2>emailreport.20100802.20100802.stderr 1>emailreport.2010082002.20100802.stdout

And here's a sample email:

subject: MoMo Support Report FROM: 2010.8.2 TO: 2010.8.2
Date: Mon, 02 Aug 2010 23:31:16 -0700
Get Satisfaction Top 5 active:

Get Satisfaction Contributors:

Top 10 Get Satisfaction Repliers:
2, cam_1319937
3, simonpaquet
3, ankitgupta1980
3, davro
3, pat_drummond
3, kent_james
4, bhuvnesh_thakar
5, wayne_mery
9, archaeopteryx
30, michael_a_pasek

5 Random Get Satisfaction Topics:

What I did well

  • It works and when it doesn't I can check stderr for diagnostics and usually quickly figure out what went wrong (Get Satisfaction has a known bug on topics that have URLS that begin with numbers and also JSON can't cope when folks paste binary data into support topics; fortunately both cases are rare -:-) !)

What could be improved

  • The JSON API is called on the same data four times, once for each script (i.e. I don't store any of the GS data) so it takes 5-10 minutes to run emailReport.rb!
  • It would be more efficient to just read the data into a database, e.g. couchdb and then have the four scripts read from the database
  • Ruby is not an excellent choice for Windows users; would be better to write this in JavaScript and then anybody (i.e. other support contributors not just folks on Mac OS X or Linux) could use it
  • Badly need to way to extract the GS conversations I am involved in and highlight the top 5
  • Although a separate can of worms :-), I would love to have a really great search engine that works on the GS support data; unfortunately the GS management view search doesn't work so well.

Help Wanted

I'd love some help :-) (what's in it for you! Open Source Whuffie, fame and adventure :-) !!!)   in the following areas:

  • Convert to JavaScript and to a web app so all can use it :-) !
  • Put the GS support data into a JSON friendly database like CouchDB


The Code

The code has been dramatically re-factored so i deleted it from the gist. Please use the revised code at:



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