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Northern Voice 2011 Lightning Talk - Why and how anybody can use flickr + HTML5 to quickly and easily write compelling mashups

Submitted by Roland on Wed, 2011-04-13 11:32

HTML+CSS+JavaScript+flickr=awesome mashups for everyone aka it's the golden age of computing for everybody not just computer science majors so let's go for it!

Got ideas on a Northern Voice related flickr mashup I can do as part of my NV 2011 Moosecamp lightning talk (or in general, love to collaborate HTML5ish and flickrish for good  on something during the conference and after the conference as well) ? Leave 'em here as a comment or tweet @rtanglao or send me smoke signals :-). See you at Northern Voice 2011 in May!


  1. I want to figure out how to get ID3 metadata from the ds106radio m3u stream to search Flickr and create a site that displays related cc content
  2. I want to create an interactive Flickr HTML 5 Bingo game ( ) but pulling in individual icons tagged so that each person can get a unique bingo card

I don't really have enough knowledge about HTML 5 to even discern if these are possible projects, but I'd like to do try.

i too need to dig deeper to see if these are possible! off the top of my head, some or all of it is possible, i'll create a wiki page on the Moosecamp wiki so we can work on exploring them together

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