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Everything by subscription including computers and bicycles

Submitted by Roland on Sat, 2011-04-23 08:42

You know you are getting old when you don't care about owning things anymore. Except for Google limiting my freedom of choice to install a better browser like Firefox,  a computer for $10/month sounds great as long as that includes awesome connectivity and bandwidth! Where do I sign :-) ?

I'd also like bicycles by subscription. I'd pay $40 a month for example for a vintage bicycle cruiser (Danu at The World Cycles here in East Vancouver has many many fantastic cruisers from the 1930s, 40s and the 50s) with all the bells and whistles (hub dynamo, 3-10 gears, built in powerful lights, fenders, chain guard).

I think there's a small, fun "lifestyle" business there: for folks who want an awesome bicycling experience and don't want to do bike maintenance: pay upfront a deposit of a few hundred dollars and then $40-50 a month (which includes monthly quick tuneups). In return you get an fantastic bike impeccably maintained with all the goodies.



the bike industry for example has a lot to learn from the car industry, why not lease bicycles like we do cars or have bicycle coops like car co-ops?

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