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I have Nokia Cameraphone Stockholm syndrome, the N8 continues to rule!

Submitted by Roland on Sun, 2011-05-01 16:33

fern! - 043020116311 043020116308 A dandelion between the cracks 043020116231 Purple flower of Cedar Cottage - 032720114585

I have Nokia Cameraphone Stockholm syndrome :-) which means I neglect the (un)usability of Symbian in order to get fantastic photos like the ones above! I can't stop taking photos with the Nokia N8, and I can't repeat it enough, the photo quality is amazing, thanks again to the Nokia team responsible for the N8!

My question, who will top the Nokia N8 in cameraphones? Will it be somebody on Android, Windows Phone 7, WebOS, or will Canon and Nikon or some camera upstart like Panasonic do the right thing and incorporate 3G connectivity with software programmability (I love Eye-Fi but unless it's built in it's a kludge! And the built-in WiFi in various Nikons and other cameras from traditional camera manufacturers is unusable since it's not programmable and not flexible) so that an ecosystem of cameraphone apps can spawn around a fantastic cameraphone (the iPhone4 has an excellent ecosystem of cameraphone apps but without a dedicated camera button, I can't use it as my goto cameraphone).

My guess it will be be an Android cameraphone with a dedicated camera button that will top the N8 but I'd love to be proven wrong by HP, or Panasonic or other upstart. (And feel free to think that my obsession with cameras with built in connectivity that is programmable is crazy but I think there are many 1000s of people like me!)


Ha! SO funny, but yeah, even when we started with the Nokia's, we stuck with them because they were the only ones with apps. My guess is Android, but it could be Panasonic or Olympus plus Android. Feels like partnership here would make sense. Motorala or HTC as potential hardware dance partners?

Honestly, I don't think that the Next Camera Phone to Beat the Nokia N8 will be a Nokia.  Nokia has been using the EDOF (fixed focus crap camera) on all the higher end of their recent line and the rumors on the street for the next N-Series iteration is that it will be the N8 camera with (gah) Windows7phoneTypeOSThang. Gah.

As Nokia moves towards Foxxcon and China and away from Zeiss and Finland, the likelihood that they will have the next best camera is slim, esp. under the Elop burning platform world.

BUT ... if one of the Android OEM's ups their game and adds a great sensor, with a Zeiss lens, and puts some real computer power behind the algorithms, then we may have a competitor for the N8.  Up to this point, there is not a great Android camera phone to be found.  There are good ones, just like the iPhone4 is just "good" enough.

The question is who will make the next GREAT camera phone?



I'm patiently awaiting the next great cameraphone. I'm secretly hoping it'll have an OS that is a pleasure to work with and integrates seamlessly with my MacBook, but if it's an Android phone, I might be convinced to switch. 

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