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Design Thinking, Grow Conference, HackVan, Design Nerd REFAB Jam - an amazing weekend of Vancouver tech & design events

Submitted by Roland on Thu, 2011-08-18 23:19

An amazing weekend of Vancouver events awaits us. Unfortunately I can't go to all, all recommended:

  • Design Thinking 2011 at Granville Island - Trevor Boddy on Vancouverism and more on Friday August 19 and Sat August 20, 2011 unconference. I'll be there!
  • Grow 2011 - Startups, entrepreneurialism and more - Friday August 19th and the rest of the weekend. I won't be there but there will be lots of incredible startup folks from Toronto, Vancouver, the rest of Canada and Silicon Valley
  • HackVan - Saturday August 20th at Mozilla Vancouver - hack on some cool APIs like Tin Eye cool image stuff and Context.IO email API and meet the incredible Joey deVilla. Say hi to Joey for me!
  • Vancouver Design Nerds REFAB Jam - Saturday August 20th at The Hive across the street from Vancouver Hack Day and on the same day Saturday August 20th from 7-10p.m. I'll be there. C'mon down after Van Hack!

Not to mention Linux Conf 2011 Vancouver which started on August 17th and ends on August 19th


Hello Roland,

Thank you for all your work with Thunderbird. I've been a user for well over a decade now.

I appreciate your recent improvements. There is one problem though. If TB goes into compression mode (when it reaches a threshold in a given folder) then the whole application blocks up till the compression is done. This makes it impossible to do anything else, write, read or transmit. In cases like mine, where I have a lot of different folders, this happens far too frequently.

So I would suggest putting the compressions into the exit loop. When a user is all done, give him/her the option to do whatever compressions that might be appropriate at the moment.

For the moment, I've turned compressions off altogether.

All the best,


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