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iPhone4S overall beats the N8 & N9. Unbelievable but true that Nokia the cameraphone leader in 2007 is behind Apple in all fronts except the Zeiss lens

Submitted by Roland on Tue, 2011-10-04 22:09

With the iPhone4S, Apple is now the leader in cameraphones. The only advantage left to Nokia is the Zeiss lens. They have fallen behind in everything else! Sad but true! I hope Damian Dinning and his fab team at Nokia have an even better Nokia cameraphone waiting to be introduced before the end of the year. Fingers crossed!

The iPhone4S has a camera processing chip, the so-called image signal processor aka "ISP" and it has over 6000 cameraphone apps and a f2.4 lens and HD video. The N8 and the N9 lose in all areas except when it comes to raw megapixel count (the N8 has 12 megapixels) and perhaps in the lens quality: the N9 has 8MP and f2.2; the N8 has 82MP and f2.8; both are Zeiss optics which are better lens (methinks) than the iPhone4S 5 element "no-name" design.

Time will tell if Nokia can regain its cameraphone crown but back in 2007 (the time of the "laughable" iPhone 2G; I didn't laugh; I had an iPhone 2G as well as my Nokia N95 and N82 which combined I used to take tens of thousands of photos and I loved the original iPhone web browser and knew back then the iPhone wouidn't be a toy cameraphone in 2011) nobody in the land of Nokia watchers and enthusiasts would have thought that that Apple would produce the iPhone4S that overall beats Nokia cameraphones and not only that will ship in volumes that dwarf the N95 and N82 sales: Every single deficiency that the original iPhone had compared to Nokia cameraphones in 2007 has been corrected and surpassed by the iPhone4S in 2011


This is bull. How can you compare two phones not released with a phone winning all tests so far. This is nonsense. No other phone is better than N8 now, in a month, when we have seen real comparisons you can speak again. I haven't seen a real test with the N9 either, Most stores haven't even got it yet.

Hi Roland.

"Unbelievable but true that Nokia the cameraphone leader in 2007 is behind Apple in all fronts except the Zeiss lens"

I'm wondering what you feel supports this statement?

N8 uses the largest sensor in any mobile, it has more (if that's your thing) and larger pixels  28mm wide-angle, 16:9 capture, Carl Zeiss optics plus xenon flash. Colour, noise and sharpness optimisation as many have noted provides the most natural looking images from any smartphone, a claim continuously supported by many independent reviews.

It has the fastest autofocus of any mobile to date.

In the video department, N8 uses stereo audio with unique audio processing algorithms to ensure even in harsh envrionments audio quality is the best it can be with today's technology. Not forgetting it's one of very few devices which still provide full field of view video rather than a small crop as well as lossless video zooming.

As far as the N9 is concerned it has easily the most advanced 8mp camera available today:

The only mobile which captures true 16:9 iamges and videos rather than a crop of 4:3 oh and of course the iPhone4S (unless it's just been added) doesn't even allow 16:9 image capture despite this being 2011, the age of HD TV's.

N9 as you already stated yourself has an f/2.2 Carl Zeiss lens which means more light reaches the sensor than the iPhone.

It also has stereo audio recording.


So who's behind who? Perhaps there was something magical I missed? Or is it just the 1080p spec which is used to substantiate such a claim?




Damian Dinning

That is some serious drivel you posted there mr tang lao. Besides being a spec analyst instead of a SME, you really should have done some tests before posting this rubbish. Fanboyism isn't pretty, whichever way it leads your preference.

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