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Speakout Wireless pay as you go unlimited data for $10/month works for A-GPS & uploading photos to flickr on my N8

Submitted by Roland on Wed, 2011-10-19 07:44

[UPDATE: detailed internet settings for Nokia N8 on Speakout Wireless]

Speakout Wireless pay as you go unlimited data for $10/month works for A-GPS & uploading photos to flickr on my N8 via WAP and it works beautifully. Full N8 setup details forthcoming! Setup Summary for the impatient: Nokia N8 auto configuration for WAP works; just copy the WAP access point to the Internet group and setup Application settings | Positioning to use the WAP access point for the positioning server. Haven't tested email and any other apps but I don't care :-)

There may be gotchas but it doesn't appear to require a voice value plan or any voice plan! I'll also post in a month or two to confirm whether there is any fine print to trip up on! But for now appears to be a cheap and cheerful pay as you go unlimited data plan!


I imagine it's limited to just WAP type stuff, since SpeakOut doeesn't sell any real smartphones, right? So you wouldn't be able to use it with other data apps, email, browser (for non WAP sites), etc.?

 my guess is any HTTP or TCP or UDP traffic oon port 80 works; not sure if other ports or other protocols work e.g. IMAP, SMTP and POP for email. My guess is email doesn't work, but email on mobile s*xors :-) ! I will try email but really I don't care about email. I'd rather use Thunderbird :-) !

true, speakout doesn't have real smart phones but I am running a htc desire with a speakout sim and I can do everything I've tried to do. E-mail, surf the net, stream radio off the net, I even split the signal with a wireless hotspot and my buddy in the next cubicle steams radio at the same time and there is no choppiness (they block streaming media from the wifi at work). its pretty surprising. it works pretty well.



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