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Which Micro 4/3 camera should I buy? Panasonic GX1?

Submitted by Roland on Tue, 2011-11-29 00:13

I am currently leaning towards the not yet shipping Panasonic GX1. Thoughts? I want something that will fit in a sports jacket pocket and that can shoot decent ISO 1600. And assuming I am happy, I will then get rid of all my DSLR gear in a year or two.


Good luck with those lenses in your sport jacket pocket! My issue is that most 4/3 lenses are huge (zooms at least) which offsets any benefits of a micro 4/3s cam in the first might as well get a DSLR (for the same price!) with much better glass at about the same cost.

I have a 17mm f2.8 on my Olympus PEN that is a decent sized pancake lens that doesn't add much bulk. I rarely use the zoom which is only 14-40mm anyways.

as long as they fit in my pocket when retracted. If not, I'd actually be quite content with a couple of not too bulky pancakes! And in any case the zooms for micro 4/3 will still be less bulky than my 28-135 EF IS Canon lens right?

All the zooms I've seen/played with retract but only barely. With the Olympus kit lens, it's actually thicker (when retracted) than the body is. Another (minor) annoyance is that you can't use the lens when has to be 'unlocked' (aka partially extended) to use. That's a downside to m4/3 zooms at least.


You first need to decide what you plan on shooting where it be action, people, landscapes, portraits etc. If it is fast action you plan on shooting you will need a camera with a fast frame count such as something with 6 frames per second and faster.


Andrew Childress  


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