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Thunderbird - Get Satisfaction Answer Rate - A tale of tools; this shouldn't require programming

Submitted by Roland on Thu, 2012-07-26 18:06


You could just do it in excel.

Or 5-10 lines of groovy.

can excel do HTTP GET or can it connect to MongoDBs? Serious question; my guess is it can using Visual Basic or a VB library, am I right?

Hi Roland,


It seems to me that there are tools for making graphs like that without programming. Vincent already mentioned Excel (any spreadsheet program would do), but there is also Google Chart Tools (, Gephi (, Gnuplot (, etc. Now, for me it is sometimes easier to write a short script than to figure out the software and how to configure it (without programming) to display my data. My tool of choice would probably be Javascript and gRaphael ( but there are a lot of good alternatives to choose from, depending what you want the results to be (i.e., interactive, 3D, etc.).

if you actually looked at the ruby script :-), it doesn't graph it just uses the MongoDB API to generate the CSV file. As I said to vincent, I assume that Excel's macro language (which I guess is Visual Basic) can do this .

but i guess i failed to communicate that the part that should be easier is generating the CSV file NOT the graphing. So my bad, my apologies for my unclear blog post.

I have posted this problem on TBird forums with no response. Since recent TBird Upgrade my DELETED FOLDER empties itself on shut down but I have NOT ticked box "Empty deleted folder on exit." WHY, why, why? Surely I cannot be the only one. It is extremely annoying.