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The Old Reader is where I am sharing RSS items; also on tumblr via IFTTT

Submitted by Roland on Sun, 2013-02-03 16:00

For the 3 people who care :-)

  1. Instead of Google Reader I am using The Old Reader; except for having no business model that I can detect :-) (where do I pay?!?) But it has the all "Old Pre Google+" Google Reader features such as sharing items. If you are a "The Old Reader" user you can follow me directly like in the good 'ole Google Reader days:
  2. If you prefer to follow my shares on Google Reader you can do it here:


Well the first I noticed in Google Analytics.  I see it almost died.  I'm thinking of finally moving to a cloud news reader, I've been using NewsFire for years and before that I used Opera for my RSS feeds.  NewsFire uses so much damn memory and it isn't being actively developed.  I do a lot of reading of news on my iPhone using Pulse, but I've never imported all my feeds.  Feedly seems to be the other reader getting press, though Digg of course wants you to flock back to them.

I'm not sure where I will end up, are you still advocating the old reader despite all the recent turmoil and their lack of an official mobile app?

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