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Reading the web in your way is the future even if RSS readers fail

Submitted by Roland on Tue, 2013-06-25 21:45

You ain't seen nothing yet. Low tech small "a" AI, blah blah there is so much we could do to improve our personal Internet reading experience that hasn't been done *yet* by Google Reader or Flipboard or anybody else.

QUOTE from an amazing article that brings up almost everything that you'd want to consider if you read the internet: "Feeding our Reading Habits"

"Don't feel guilty about not reading the millions of pieces of information that pile up on your door everyday. Just don't. Half the battle in this modern era of information overload is learning how to not care about all the information. We call them feeds, or streams for a reason: they never end. Your only goal should be to build a better net. It's not to worry about unread counts or friend requests, or virtual corn fields.

Take your net, dip it into the stream, and see what comes out."


Sick and tired of the whole Google Reader extended good-bye "intellectual masturbation" :-) ! Let's move on and build something better that makes Internet reading more awesome for those who care about it and ignore those who don't care!!!! Good-bye and good riddance Google Reader, I won't miss you!!!!!!!!!!


I am still reaching back for the rotary dial...I like the offline reader, and going forward, I don't know how much development or support this will get.

But I'm also eager to see what features DIGG manages to add to the equation; more AI, and gamification.

And so, while I don't wholly endorse your anti-nostalgic position, I await the future with a cautious optimism.