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Submitted by Roland on Fri, 2010-10-08 10:29

Looking for collaborators and great cameraphone visualization ideas!

Are you a data visualization person? An artist with cool images? Cool Video? Got some crazy ideas about Vancouver visualizations and mashups involving geotagged cameraphone photos and videos? Then email me or twitter me or text me (bonus if you are in Vancouver, I'll buy you a coffee at JJ Bean W2 and we can discuss this in person!):

  • roland AT
  • @rtanglao
  • +1 604 729 7924 (text me first, I don't usually answer phone calls from folks I don't know who haven't texted me first or emailed me first or twittered me first)

Interesting Vancouver 2010 Presentation

Public Domain Datasets

For the larger data sets, if you are in Vancouver, I can meet you at JJ Bean Woodwards and we can quickly copy it to your hard drive, USB Key or SD card.

(unfortunately the upload is taking far longer than I thought it would so not all of the datasets have been uploaded  yet, will post an update when all the data has been uploaded)

Public Domain Code

Please use this code for good and art. But I am not going to stop you if you use it for other purposes :-)

(I realize that this hastily written code is confusing to follow so will document this better soon for now, here are some of the raw scripts)


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