MovableType is the Windows of Blog Systems

Submitted by Roland on Sat, 2004-03-20 01:32

Nice rant from Boris. Where is the Macintosh of Blog Systems? Drupal is more like the Linux of Blog Systems. More powerful but requires effort to learn because it is not user friendly. Perhaps Wordpress is the Mac of Blog Systems (or personal publishing systems as Boris likes to call Blog Systems) but I doubt it. Probably need somebody as fanatical as Steve Jobs to get that and as far as I can see, nobody in the Blog world (except maybe Brent Simmons) has his eye for visual aesthetics and usability.

Anyways, the prime reason I am now using MT is that it is the best blogging platform to build software on top of at the moment. As a result, all the coolest toys (like ecto which I am writing this post with) work best with MT. And part of the reason why might be because it is built using Perl and CGIs which evidently, Boris and I share the same love/hate relationship with.

From MovableType is the Windows of the Personal Publishing World | B. Mann Consulting:

Everyone is all a-twitter that MT 3.0 is about to come out of hiding. Am I biased because I use a different publishing system? Probably.

But I maintain that MT has gotten to the top of the heap because of it's wide adoption. Much like Windows. Many people agree that OS X or even Linux is a technically superior operating system, but it's still Windows with the lion's share of the market. Much like MT.

So, herewith, a list of things that I don't like about MT.

These are in no particular order. I've used MT (kicking and screaming), but am by no means proficient. These are my opinions, so you can disagree with them. Feel free to comment or otherwise let me know if I get something factually wrong. And yes, I am talking about a default install.


I still use Safari rather than FireFox

Submitted by Roland on Fri, 2004-03-19 23:41

Why? It feels faster and the middle button of my Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer Optical mouse works for popping new windows or tabs. But I will probably switch to Firefox as my default browser when it goes 1.0 because it just keeps getting faster and I doubt Safari can catch up!

From InfoWorld: Firefox fills the IE void: March 19, 2004: By Jon Udell : APPLICATION_DEVELOPMENT : APPLICATIONS : PLATFORMS : WEB_SERVICES:


Ironically, although Microsoft cited competition with Apple’s Safari as the reason for killing IE for the Mac, I’ve abandoned Safari on OS X for the same reason I’ve abandoned IE on Windows. Firefox does more, it’s moving faster, and — here’s the kicker — it runs identically on Windows, OS X, and Linux.


Typekit - a way forward to structured/component blogging?

Submitted by Roland on Fri, 2004-03-19 12:34

I want something like this. Imagine an RSS reader that when encountering an unknown RSS extension (say for customer support or personal ads :-) ), can download a spec and intelligently display the content! Now that would be cool. And Typekit is one possible way of enabling this.

From Typekit Framework Technical Specification:


This document describes the Typekit Framework, TF. TF is a framework for specifying and deploying interfaces for XML namespaces. The goal of the TK framework is to provide a generalized solution for supporting extensible XML in webblogs and other contexts by allowing extension writers to author a cooresponding user interface called a typekit.

A typekit consists of a collection of resources for creating, editing and displaying elements in a single namespace. A typekit may include but is not limited to: XSL transformations, XForms, stylesheets and images. A valid typekit must contain a typekit discriptor in the root directory of the kit named typekit.xml. This document describes the contents and target context(s) of the kit. A typekit may support an element in one or more contexts, such as on a weblog or a WAP device. Typekits are served from any webhost and are completely distributed.


What categories should I have?

Submitted by Roland on Thu, 2004-03-18 23:45

I had over 80 categories on my old Radio Blog. I think that was too many.

All non tech stuff will go on our personal blog at So that leaves about 60 categories.

I think I will see how it develops, but for now, I think the categories will be: Social Software (for wikis, blogs, RSS, etc.), HowToDevelopSoftware and the rest I will leave uncategorized for now.

Suggestions? Leave a comment or email roland AT

Google Doesn't RSS and doesn't want you to convert their searches to RSS

Submitted by Roland on Thu, 2004-03-18 02:47

C'mon Google get with the program and offer RSS feeds of searches. It's 2004, not 1999 and every big name except Google offers RSS.

Better yet, buy Feedster and use their excellent software to do RSS feeds for searches of blogs and extend it to non blogs.

[SOURCE:TeledyN's Google Doesn't RSS ]


Not many of you know (as I can see in the logs) that Google News is often aggregated by a little script floating around that translates search results into RSS -- I use this for our tracking our local regional news ... or rather, I suppose I did use it. Google, hinting at a DMCA-backed threat, has ordered a cease and desist ...



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