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Bicycle Commuting Picture Workflow - N8 in lanyard around my neck, take a shot, drop the phone

Submitted by Roland on Sun, 2012-04-29 09:11

As a followup to WANTED: Two N8 Cameraphone apps with settings locked: default + hyperfocal street photography, here's my N8 cameraphone picture taking workflow (I have been doing this since 2008 and as a result have far over 50000 cameraphone pictures :-) !) while bicycling to work:

  1. N8 is on a lanyard around my neck
  2. I see something interesting
  3. I take the picture using the N8 built-in cameraphone app custom setting (my custom mode is the default settings with flash turned off)
  4. I drop the phone gently and it bounces harmlessly on my chest
  5. I continue bicycling
  6. Goto step 2

I would like an app with the touchscreen off because sometimes I accidentally trigger the photo editor.

I would like an app that locks out other apps because sometimes I accidentally quit out of the camera app. During my ride I don't use any other apps.


My Quantified Bicycling Life

Submitted by Roland on Fri, 2011-04-01 08:02

dailymile bicycling stats feb-march 2011
I don't believe in the Quantified Self fad but I do believe in tracking how far I go bicycling. And the Cyclemeter iPhone App / Daily Mile social "workout" community does a great job as you can see in the screenshot above. I have turned off the CycleMeter feature which tells you if you are are "worse" or "better" than median or average because I don't believe in "racing" especially when commuting to work by bicycling; better to enjoy your bike ride rather than yak shaving about a few seconds here and there. Sure would be nice if there was a standard to share data among bicycling tracking apps so I could see all of my bicycling which is spread across Sports Tracker (700+ "workouts"), RunKeeper (176 "workouts") and now Cyclemeter (86 "workouts").

Next up in April or May: try the new iPhone or Android version of SportsTracker

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