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Colophon: Create your own personal Map tiles (from July 2013)

Submitted by Roland on Sat, 2014-04-12 08:16

If you want to make your own map tile out of many (100s or 1000s) of latitude longitude pairs e.g. from Vancouver flickr photos taken 2007-2011 during commuter hours (7-10am., 3-6p.m), here's how:

  • Create a file, let's call it "latlong.text" in the format "lat, long" e.g. remove the square brackets from my vancouver 2007-11 flickr commuter file
  • encode it

    • cat latlong.txt | ./encode -o vancouver2007-2011 -z 16
  • render it

    • ./render -A -- vancouver2007-2011/ 16 49.25706 -123.070538525034 49.29808542 -123.159733 > vancouver-2007-2011.try21.png

    • (you will have to play around with the lat and long to make sure they cover the area you want e.g. in the above example I made it so that bounderies were: clark park to the south and east, connaught park to the west and stanley park to the north)

  • And here's the resulting PNG map tile on flickr
  • encode and render come from @enf on twitter, the amazing Eric Fischer:

1st Qik bicyclecast live from my bicycle over EDGE

Submitted by Roland on Thu, 2008-01-31 20:10
GorillaPod+DT-22+N95+Bike=fun - IMG_5947

The above photo shows my "bicyclecast" setup (Gorillapod + N95 + DT-22 Tripod Adapter + my bicycle). It worked for only 6 minutes of my 30 minute commute to work (bug? limited buffering capacity? EDGE too slow?). And was fun. The GorillaPod doesn't keep the camera too snug on the bike but it's low budget, cheap and cheerful. Someday I'll have the money to buy a proper bike tripod camera mount like the pros use for Tour de France videos!

Check it out: recorded live from my bicycle (the hardest part was fastening the tripod and the phone onto the bike, music courtesy of my N81 Musicphone)

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