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fuji x10

This week's hot camera is the Olympus OM-D

Submitted by Roland on Thu, 2012-02-23 08:16

I have of course changed my mind. Out with the Fuji X Pro 1, in with the Olympus OM-D because it's cheaper, it has built-in Eye Fi support so my photos can get auto-uploaded and auto-geotagged, takes the awesome Micro Four Thirds lenses (45mm prime! 20mm prime!Need I say more  :-) ? )  and is weather sealed! Anyways really enjoying my Fuji X10 for now! I will think about the OM-D in July around my birthday!

16GB class 10 SD card that works w/my Fuji X10 is all I want for 2012 from :-) !

Submitted by Roland on Fri, 2012-01-06 20:09

that's all I want in 2012 from :-) ! Seems a bit ridiculous :-) for the top of the line Pro X2 card  to be stuck at Class 6, 8 GB. I and presumably lots of others need faster cards with more storage! I need a card that works with my Fuji X10. Apparently the Pro X2 doesn't work with my X10!

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