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Is Speakout Wireless's $10/a month pay as you go data plan good enough for A-GPS?

Submitted by Roland on Fri, 2011-10-14 17:56

(via a comment on my blog about Fido Data)

Tired of not having A-GPS on my N8 and considering Speakout Wireless's $10 a month pay as you go data ("unlimited" 56 KB/s 3G browsing on a Rogers MVNO). Does it work OK on an N8? Anybody know?

2010 Mobile Tech Predictions

Submitted by Roland on Sun, 2010-01-03 17:30

Hard to believe that I didn't make any predictions in 2009 (my 2008 predictions)!

Herewith again some randomly ordered Mobile predictions which are worth what you paid for them!


  1. Google will introduce a "comes with data" mobile phone featuring an easy environment to write HTML5 & JS apps
  2. A Canadian mobile phone carrier will actually sell mobiles other than the iPhone that have current software & aren't 6-12 months old :-) The current "sell old phones with old firmware with bogus customizations" model of Rogers, Bell and Telus will be over in 2011.
  3. Apple's tablet will be introduced, it wil be big seller and a great creator and consumer of multi-media and it will be closed and have the iPhone App Store model rather than the Mac app model.
  4. Nokia will deliver Maemo 6 and an N900 successor but it won't be good enough for the mainstream but will be awesome for me & other mobile devs because mobile Firefox will offer superior HTML5 and JS experience (yes working for Mozilla I am biased :-) !)
  5. The next iPhone will boast a 5 mega pixel camera and other still and video imaging improvements which will be more than good enough for old cameraphone snobs like me and accelerate Nokia's decline among mobile multimedia creators.
  6. Mozilla Messaging (my employer!) will introduce a version of Raindrop that doesn't require you to do geeky things like install things like CouchDB yourself and it will rock on Android, Maemo and any other modern open mobile web  environment (sorry Blackberry, iPhone and Symbian but you lose since you are all neither open or modern or both :-) !) Just kidding, it will rock on any modern mobile web browser open or closed methinks :-) !


My ideal mobile mad scientist language

Submitted by Roland on Tue, 2009-11-24 22:35

After some digging and research around the web, my ideal mobile mad scientist programming language would:

  • have the 2D and 3D graphic manipulation power of Processing, Nodebox and Shoes
  • be cross platform mac, windows, linux, maemo on mobile, iPhone, android
  • be 'web native' i.e. REST, JSON, XML and all the other web API stuff built in and not bolted on like it is Processing, trying to use the flickr api from Processing is shall we say kludge-o-rama (awesome code from bryan chung but indicative of the unnecessary struggle one is forced to engage with in Processing and other non web native languages)
  • not use a Java-like syntax, death to curly braces and wasted semi-colons
  • be dynamic, death to the Java/C++ cargo cult of typing for no reason 
  • be easily adaptable to new APIs and new sensors through the ability to create a domain specific language and/or easy to use and beautiful foreign function interface
  • be open source, sorry but for my mobile art,  i can't use programming environments and languages that are not open source
  • support the REAL loop, I don't want to spawn threads for the sake of questionable 'concurrency' like I am forced to with OSGI and the Bug Labs Bug

IF I were an idealist that pretty much rules out everything :-)

Fortunately I am a pragamatist. So I will continue my experiments in:

  • Nodebox & Python on the Mac
  • Cocoa Touch and Objective C on the iPhone

What about Processing? Sorry can't handle the Java syntax and the pain of doing XML and JSON and REST programming and the kludge-o-matic way to access Java libraries. processing.js? too early and too much impedance mismatch to use all the lovely JS libraries out there. And Shoes is promising especially if it were improved so you could easily use normal Ruby gems but given its current "hibernation" "post-Why" not sure it will continue to be improved.

What should I use on Maemo if/when I get an N900? Ruby plus SWIG or some such foreign function kludge er interface :-) to access the sensor APIs which I assume are only available in C and C++ ?

What should I use on Android if/when I get an Android device?

What should I use on Windows? Not that I really care :-) But it would be lovely to have Windows people join in my fun without having to do anyting. Eines Tages!

Somehow I think the "mainstream" world is moving towards my ideal solution and the mainstream solution for what I want will look more like processing.js and ruby-processing or smalltalk i.e. scratch then it will look like Processing, Nodebox or CocoaTouch

Mobile Open Lab 2009 - A proposal

Submitted by Roland on Fri, 2009-03-13 18:02

It's been 6 months since a few mobile folks met in Helsinki for Nokia Open Lab 2008 as Mike Maddaloni and CT Moore have pointed out and my mind is still reeling. It's time to start thinking about a Mobile Open Lab 2009. I say worldwide, done via our mobiles, self organized and distributed! What say you? [the following is in the order it was on the 2008 wiki, forgive me for omissions and typos!] Mike, Steve Dembo, Rebecca, Whatleydude, Gwapz, Eddie, Nick, Solobasssteve, Philip, CT, Glenn, Mickipedia, Rahul, Steve Rumsby, Chletten, Apocalypso, Jussi, Jason, Rafe, Jen, Thej, cybette, tnkgrl, Matti, Mikko, Nate, Antti, Nick, Vinnie, Kristine, Yuhui, Anne, Janne, Anssi, Brian, Luis, and Stefan please update the Mobile Open Lab 2009 wiki page with your ideas or leave a comment here! And let's get the ball rolling!

Ideas from Roland Tanglao (Vancouver, Canada)

flickr: roland, twitter:rtanglao, nokia chat:rtanglao, jaiku:roland, qik:roland

(NB these are just brainstorming ideas!!!!!! No commitment implied :-) ! )

  1. the "original 50" are all co-organizers and responsible for organizing in their home town
  2. the original 50 must present a mobile 10 minute or less "1 year later" status/way forward/whatever and must recruit at least 1 participant in their home town to present as well!
  3. done via mobile video streaming e.g.ustream, qik, kyte, mogulus, etc. for 2 days world wide & archived
  4. the 2008 workshop presenters will reprise their workshops in a 2009 stylee
  5. Outcomes:

    1. a user vision of the way forward for nokia and the mobile industry
    2. "raise a barn " i.e. create a mobile app / site / something that we all agree on beforehand for a cause that we all believe in
  6. Things I can help with: Drupal, Bug Labs Bug, S60 Python, "dis-coordination" :-), blogging, wiki gardening
  7. Things I am not so good at: getting sponsors (do we need any?), politics, web design
  8. Looking forward to the cool ideas from others!

Identicons, Yarn Bombing and Mobile - Possible Northern Voice 2009 Moosecamp Session

Submitted by Roland on Wed, 2009-02-18 23:17

Again, I don't have the time but here's a fun game design session for MooseCamp 2009. If you are interested, edit the wiki page and come to the session if approved!

The following ideas are DRAFT (and i bet others have already thought of similar things). Please ADD YOUR OWN and let's discuss at MooseCamp 2009!

Hope to run this game as part of BarCamp Vancouver 2009 or earlier!


Identicon = unique graphic generated from a number (originally used by WordPress and other blogging systems to identify people based on their IP address for comments) in this case the number would be latitude and longitude, i.e. GPS coordinates

Yarn Bombing = grafitti with yarn in the real world aka 'knit grafitti'

Identicons, Yarn bombing and Mobile - An eternal golden braid

The idea is a unique mobile tech twist on a scavenger hunt and yarn bombing.

  1. the organizers of the game put up a bunch of identicons on a map to identify locations that have been 'yarn bombed'
  2. goal: find all the yarn bombs ('ybs') before the other players do
  3. mobile twist: you have to prove  you found the yarn bomb by using your mobile phone in one of the following ways
    1. post a picture of the yb to flickr, picasa, twitpic, etc or somewhere on the web and tag it and text the url to the organizers or in some way the organizers can get it electronically
    2. send a text to the organizers proving you found the yb
    3. send an MMS to the organizers proving you found the yb
    4. do a Bright Kite Checkin proving you found the yb
    5. basically anything that you can do from a mobile phone to prove you found the yb without  phoning the organizers or leaving them voicemail!


  1. don't put the identicons on a regular map i.e. make the locations part of the hunt or hint at them e.g. all skytrain stations in Yaletown
  2. business model: do this for events as an ice breaking thing
  3. don't use the identicon algorithm to generate the graphic, create an algorithm so that the graphic  hints at the location
  4. generate the identicons on the fly by putting the ybs on a bicycle or something moving using a mobile app that updates a map on the web or some sort of web based hint!

7 things you should know about mobile - Presentation to UBC LFS

Submitted by Roland on Wed, 2009-01-14 19:28

See the accompanying UBC mobile brief wiki for notes to this presentation which I gave to the UBC Faculty of Land and Food Sciences on January 13, 2009 (note that this presentation was prepared using the 280 Slides web app which i highly recommend!)

Please donate your mobiles to Fearless, see you tomorrow!

Submitted by Roland on Mon, 2008-12-22 11:19

I'll be assisting Fearless, Dave and Kris with the "mobiles for DTES residents and artists donation drive" tomorrow. Let's get together and donate and have some fun!

[Cross posted with permission from the Fearless Blog]

Donate phones to Fearless to help Vancouver downtown eastside artists and residents
Donate your old mobile phones to help DTES artists share stories, and tap into life, jobs & family

How can you help?

  1. Your used mobile phones - preferably with video, camera, wi-fi
  2. Cash donations (* tax deductible) or new phone donations
  3. Conversation - tell your friends on your blog, twitter, etc. - post a badge

Action Plan:
First, Gather phones!

Collect all the unused mobile phones at your office and home - dig into your boxes of stuff, ask you friends! Digital cameras gratefully accepted too.

Next, Arrange Pick-up:

  • Let us know via Twitter: Fearless City, email: info (at) fearlessmedia (dot) ca, Phone/SMS: 604.644.4349, Voice mail: 604.682.3269 xt 8320
  • We'll come by on purple Yahoo bikes on Tues. Dec. 23rd & 30th to collect your devices
  • We'll take your photo, bring treats, and thank you publicly with a link

Or, Drop-off (after Tuesday, 23rd) at:

Want to be a drop-off point? Let us know.

Even send by Postal Mail to:

Fearless City
PO Box 88023
418 Main St
Vancouver, BC V6A 4A4


  • Remove your chip, and clear your contacts before donating (all phones will be completely cleared before released).
  • Please include chargers and accessories - used digital cameras also welcome
  • Unusable phones will be donated to FreeGeek for reuse and recycling

Who is Fearless?

Fearless is a Vancouver Non-Profit group providing tools, resources, and cultural outreach to artists and residents in the improverished Downtown Eastside neighbourhood. Fearless is a project of the DTES Community Arts Network (CAN)


Thank you for your support!

Post a graphic on your site with this handy code snippet:

<a href="" title="Donate phones to Fearless to help Vancouver downtown eastside artists and residents" >
<img src="" height="240" width="195" alt="Donate phones to Fearless to help Vancouver downtown eastside artists and residents">
<p>Donate used mobile phones to help DTES residents and artists at</a></p>

Nokia N97- finally a decent looking competitor to the iPhone!

Submitted by Roland on Tue, 2008-12-02 05:28

Or at least it appears to. The N97 proof is in the pudding which is the user experience including hardware and software (skeptical about S60 but willing to be convinced), but at first glance appears to be great. Hope it's both North American and European 3G and available in Canada officially soon! I trust it has lots of RAM and will run ShoZu, Qik and viNes in short order! Vive la competitiion! Go Nokia go!

QUOTE [From Nokia N97 - The Nseries Dream Device: Nokia S60 News and Reviews]

So what makes this Nokia's Dream Device? The N97 is the first Nseries device with QWERTY keyboard!!!!! Now thats not the only thing that makes this a dream device... and let me just state that the endearing term "dream device" is solely based on my own initial impression and opinion of the device.


QUOTE [From Meet the Nokia N97 - The New Nseries Flagship!]

On first glance the N97 compares to the 5800 in size and seems like it’s older brother … until you slide the keyboard out and realize you’ve got an altogether new breed in hand. While it’s not a small device, the N97 feels great in your hand and can easily be used while walking without needing two hands in most cases. The virtual keyboards (numbers and T9) were clear and the softkeys seemed eas to access for quick data entry. Of course for larger text needs a quick flip and you’ve got a real keyboard at your disposal. Weight (Approx. 150 g) felt semi-comparable to the E71 and in the front pocket of my jeans it was not in any way uncomfortable.


QUOTE [From Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger » Blog Archive Nokia N97: the ultimate Facebook device «]

Nokia just announced the N97. I got a chance to play with it last night and realized they have built the ultimate Facebook device. Now, I’m sure, lots of you will wonder how it compares to the iPhone. Well, for a Facebook user it isn’t even close: the new Nokia device wins hands down. Why? Let’s compare:

1. It does 16:9 video. The iPhone doesn’t even do video. So, how can you go to a Daft Punk concert and record it to taunt your friends?
2. It has a 5 megapixel camera. The iPhone only has 2, and the quality isn’t even close. The camera also has a dual LED flash, so you can take pictures in the dark where the iPhone can’t.
3. I can type three Facebook status messages on the N97’s nice QWERTY keybord in the time that I can type two on the iPhone.
4. It does copy and paste, so you can copy URLs to send to your friends. The iPhone can’t do that.
5. It has replaceable batteries so you can charge up three batteries and Facebook for days, while the iPhone needs to be hooked back up to the wall for recharging after a few hours.
6. The GPS device does turn-by-turn and has a built in compass, so you’ll get to your parties faster than with the iPhone, which doesn’t have a compass and doesn’t do turn-by-turn.

OK, so how else does it compare to the iPhone? It has a touch screen, with a cool customizeable home screen. You can add a Facebook component and can drag and drop different components with your finger. You can also use gestures so you can “flick” through your photos. That part is very similar to the iPhone, so you can see that Steve Jobs had a big influence on the user experience.

The device itself has only one button and you can see Jonathan Ives’ challenge taken up all over the device. Close your eyes and touch the device and you don’t feel buttons or other things protuding. Smooth.


ShoZu Grand Master Roland Tanglao am I!

Submitted by Roland on Tue, 2008-12-02 01:02

Ha ha, thanks Ewan. I guess after posting 21000 photos with ShoZu I am a ShoZu Grand Master. Glad to help! Vanouverites with Nokia cameraphones please text me at 604 729 7924 or twitter @rtanglao or leave a comment. I am really looking forward to helping others use ShoZu.

QUOTE [From Our first ShoZu Grand Master reveals himself in Vancouver | Mobile Industry Review]

Yes, Roland Tanglao has grabbed hold of the MIR ShoZu Campaign Mantle and thrust a stake in the ground right in the centre of Vancouver.

To paraphrase the A-Team introduction: “If nobody else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire Roland Tanglao.”

That’s right, Roland is offering to help anyone understand, install and setup ShoZu — although he rightly points out that if you’re using an iPhone, you probably don’t need any help as it’s so easy.

But if you’re in need, buy Roland a $2.25 macchiato and the knowledge is yours. What a deal. Even if you’re already a dab hand at ShoZu, you might want to hook up with Roland anyway and say hi.


The Future of Mobility is Linux (and iPhone) from September 2005

Submitted by Roland on Thu, 2008-10-02 16:13

Change 2008 to say 2009 or 10 and change Linux to Android (which is on top of Linux) and Russell was basically correct. Go Russ go! Looking forward to more mobile predictions now that you have joined Nokia (and I love how you continue to be honest!)

QUOTE [From The Future of Mobility is Linux -]

There could be some spoilers out there. You never know what's going to happen tomorrow - Apple could pull out some amazing iPhone and change the market over night. But right now being in the industry this is how I see things progressing. As it is now, I use a Symbian phone and plan on recommending that platform to others looking for a good smart phone. But as the next 12 months goes by, I full expect that a Linux based phone will enter my world, and within the next few years become a standard.

See you in 2008.


Going to Nokia WOMWorld Workshop in Helsinki September 10-14

Submitted by Roland on Tue, 2008-08-19 23:00

Details have yet to be finalized, but it looks like I'll be going to a Nokia Mobile workshop (paid for by Nokia, including carbon offsets!) September 10-14,2008 being organzied by Nokia's WOMWorld folks. Sounds like fun. Maybe I can lead a session on Mobile Muse and SIFTTool.

Here's a portion of their invite:


It's taking place in September between the 11th and 14th, and will be the first of its kind hosted by Nokia. We're contacting everyone from creative's, designers, video producers to open source software bloggers and mobile tech pioneers. There will be a number of workshops that'll see discussion with participants, and with Nokia guys, about the future of different online arenas and mobile technology. Workshops that we hope you'd like to join in with and make yourself heard.


In the meantime, time to start my travel research. If anybody has been to Helsinki, love to have the following questions answered by a Helsinki person:

  1. Where can I get a pay as you go SIM Card with several gigs (2GB or higher) of data so I can blog, flickr, youtube, et with my Nokia N95-1 while at the workshop?
  2. Can somebody recommend the best place to rent a bicycle in Helsinki? I am a "born again" bicyclist who's been commuting to work for 16 months 5 days a week and who has taken thousands of photos from an N95 and uploaded to Qik while bicycling. So I'd want to do the same in Helsinki.

Car Free Vancouver Day 2008 Mobile Streaming Video Post Mortem Part 1

Submitted by Roland on Sun, 2008-06-15 19:28

Had a blast bicycling and checking out Car Free Vancouver 2008 from Commercial Drive to the West End to Kitsilano and back to Commercial Drive (we skipped Main Street since it didn't start until 4p.m.)

Here's some of the media we created:

  1. My Vancouver Car Free Vancouver 2008 Videos (Part 1, 2, 3, 4)
  2. Jean's Videos - 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 , 11, 12
  3. JMV's Videos - 1, 2
  4. JMV's Pictures
  5. My Pictures
Nokia Sports Tracker data is missing! (mine didn't turn out i.e. most of my track is missing since I had to reboot the phone thereby losing my GPS Track, aaaaargh! Jean hasn't posted his!)
Things that were Great
  1. The weather! Perfect!
  2. Jean's McGyvered bicycle mount - although I am investigating using the N95 ProClip Motorcycle Mount, anybody know whether it will work on a bicycle?
  3. The event itself. Rockin' great time at all venus. Great food, great happenings (e.g. mojave, Paul Jarvis' band, Japanese food, African Drum circle, etc)
  4. Qik was rock solid. It just worked and buffered when we lost connection.

Things that weren't so great
  1. Rogers Portable Internet combined with FreeTheNet combined with splash screen = FAIL (or at least it seemed to fail a lot more than during our 2 dry runs during today's bike ride, actually we did stream a lot more video than I thought). Next time I suggest EV-DO card from Bell or a HSDPA card (i.e. something designed for mobile connectivity, Rogers Mobile Internet is designed to be portable NOT mobile) plus a travel router like the $170 Cradlepoint CTR500 EVDO/HSDPA 3G Router . I am a supporter of FreeTheNet but again it's designed for non mobile use.
  2. My IOGear Mobile Portable Power loose connection with my N95 caused me to run out out of power at one point - Jean's N82 had no problem so probably an issue with my phone, not the IOGear power.But probably points to the fact that the Nokia power connector wasn't designed to be connected horizontally for charging. I'd prefer a micro USB / mini USB for charging personally
  3. Nokia Sports Tracker's 1998isms (I realize it's beta but if they had used Drupal or any modern system they'd get these things for free) - i) Bad URLs that end in .do instead of being clean ii) no search feature iii) no tags iv) no RSS for tags
  4. Qik's tags have no RSS feeds

Fido (and Rogers) raise SMS rates to the USA by 66% from 15 cents to 25 cents

Submitted by Roland on Fri, 2008-06-13 19:31

The ongoing Fido (and Rogers) r*poff continues. The math: 0.10/0.15 = 66.67%. In a world where every other form of electronic messaging is decreasing in price, Rogers and Fido continue to raise their messaging prices. Needless to say the knock on effect for businesses and innovation and Canada is a net negative. I h*te SMS but it's essential for today's real time business and this is a tax by a member of the Canadian bandwidth oligopoly on businesses and consumers.

From Options you can add:



Please note that effective July 15, 2008, the rate for sending a text message from Canada to the United States is changing to $0.25 (from $0.15). This change also applies to Text messaging options and certain Value packs, as text messages sent to the United States will no longer be included in the options. Pricing does not include applicable taxes.

Visit for text messaging rates and other important information.


International text message Options

25 international text messages $4

50 international text messages $7


12 hours with Rogers N95 8GB NAM - Get an unlocked one instead!

Submitted by Roland on Sun, 2008-06-01 21:19

After 12 hours with a borrowed Rogers N95 8GB NAM, my conclusion is still to get an unlocked one!

In short, the Rogers N95 8GB NAM is:

  1. The Multimedia creator phone that N series users the world over have learned to love. Great camera and great video!
  2. The S60 interface we have come to love/hate which is hard to use as all N series aficionados know.
  3. Rogers has put their bogus "deck" in the web browser and Vision software on their version of N95 8GB NAM and it's just as suspected, unusable and totally superfluous. Change the home page and don't use the Vision app; none of it's any good!
  4. It's the Rogers Data plan that we have all come to love. Danny who set up the phone, was told by a Rogers CSR he could get a 1GB data plan for $100/month which contradicts the $65/month 1GB PC Card plan that Alec Saunders got from Rogers. Inconsistencies 'r Rogers! Or is it a deliberate attempt to confuse customers by telling different customers different stories about data plans?

My conclusion remains the same: get an unlocked N95 8GB NAM and a $65/month PC Card plan. You'll be a lot less frustrated!

Some more details after the jump

  1. Memory Full when running Fring. Ah S60 memory manaegement, this shouldn't happen ever!
  2. Fit and Finish seem much better than my N95-1
  3. Doesn't seem crippled in any way in terms of adding apps or wifi
  4. Lots of access points: GoRogers, Media, Rogers Internet, Streaming - I am sure this confuses customers to no end!
  5. 3G *is* much faster (no surprise) but slower than WiFi
  6. Rogers "Home Page" aka "deck" is aweful as I expected; give me the internet
  7. App Manager Shows:
    1. Music Player
    2. Fring (only app installed by the customer of this phone)
    3. Fifa07 Demo
    4. APSServer v2
    5. Google Search
    6. Asphalt3
    7. Google Maps
    8. Block Breaker Del
    9. Wheel of Fortune
    10. Mail by Google
    11. Midnight Pool
    12. Gmail
    13. WPT Hold Em
    14. Mobile email
    15. Rogers on Demand
    16. YouTube
    17. Street Fighter
    18. Mobile TV
    19. Vision App

Cecily Walker Video on S60 Interface - S60 Ambassadors

Submitted by Roland on Tue, 2008-05-27 08:42

As part of my contribution to the S60 Ambassadors program, I'm doing some videos of people's reactions to S60 and awareness of Ovi. Herewith my first 1:30 S60 Ambassadors video with Cecily Walker, library and social media maven (recorded with her N82 at Vidfest). - Watch Cecily's S60 video or check out my transcript below!


  1. absolutely loves it
  2. changes the way Cecily views media, "all in one package" she can post audio and video immediately via Bluetooth or WiFi
  3. really pretty
  4. paid with N82 with her own money! (off Craigslist since not officially available in Canada, aaargh!)

S60 Not so Positive

  1. S60 "really really buggy" things quitting without error message
  2. Never heard of OVI (unfortunately most people in Canada haven't but that's not surprising given Canada's lack of awareness on these issues and Nokia's lack of marketing)

MoMoVan May 2008 - Mobile Social Networking Panel Discussion that I moderated

Submitted by Roland on Sat, 2008-05-10 19:49

MoMoVan - 050520081595

It was great fun moderating a panel discussion on mobile social networking as part of MoMoVan May 2008. Fun bantering with Jim Udall, Jeff LaPorte and David Vogt!

Some random points:

  • I loved David's vigorous defense of Vancouver and his wonderful case for mobile innovation in Vancouver no need to move to Asia! Perhaps our "mobile crisis" is a temporary aberration as I blurted out at one point? Vancouver does have a lot going on: great educational institutions, great social and cultural scenes, great weather and great public spaces (at least in the city of Vancouver, not much in the suburbs but this will change).
  • The crowd at MoMoVan with a few glaring exceptions isn't really into social mobile networking. Not too much mobile real time blogging, twittering or facebooking or qik video or real time flickr-ing or whatever going on at the MoMoVan events I've attended. At least that's my sense. Prove me wrong! Twitter me (rtanglao) or leave a comment!
  • The crowd at MoMoVan is into the traditional one-way web and old skool two way stuff like email, IM and posting pictures in non real time. I know because I took a poll at the start of the panel
  • Mobile provides context
  • Mobile can be socially enlivening public spaces instead of distancing or cocooning
  • The discussion was recorded by Bruce Sharpe. Hopefully he'll post the video soon


iPhone coming to Rogers

Submitted by Roland on Tue, 2008-04-29 03:47

It's about a time! Fingers crossed it's 3G with a decent camera and video!

From Telecom Trends: iPhone coming to Rogers:


In a statement released this morning about the iPhone, Rogers has announced that it has reached an agreement with Apple to launch later this year.

Ted Rogers is quoted in the very brief statement, saying:

We're thrilled to announce that we have a deal with Apple to bring the iPhone to Canada later this year. We can't tell you any more about it right now, but stay tuned.

As I wrote recently, there appears to be imminent plans to release an upgrade to the current iPhone.


Qik is killer app for mobile phones with unlimited data

Submitted by Roland on Wed, 2008-01-30 18:42
ShoZu is a killer app for any phone with WiFi or unlimited mobile data and Qik is a killer app for mobile phones (I have tested on Nokia's N95-1, it supposedly will be available for non Nokia phones some day) with unlimited mobile data. Why? Because mobile data reaches almost everywhere in urban centres and you never know when you want to live stream. Qik + unlimited Mobile Data gives you the freedom to stream anywhere, WiFi doesn't. The amazing thing is that Qik is only in alpha and for an alpha is high quality. It can only get better. Unbelievably it works at 320x240 over EDGE (for short videos anyway, long videos require you to plug in or you will run out of batteries); I can't imagine how much more fun and fast it is over 3G where it works at 640x480 on the Nokia N95 and N93. See some sample videos cross posted from my RCS blog after the jump.

I couldn't stay for the entire Launch Party Vancouver 3 unfortunately. But thanks to the handy dandy alpha service, (my Qik videos), I was able successfully stream live> three videos from my Nokia N95, one with Raincity's very own Dave Olson on the way there (mysteriously ended by a cellphone outage or was it the alpha software?), one with Jesse Silver of Sun on Open Solaris and one with Jordan Behan of Vancouver's stealth video startup Strutta.

On the road to LPV3 w/Dave Olson:

Jesse Silver on Open Solaris

Jordan Behan on Strutta


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