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N900 Review Part 1 - Great potential but Maemo 5 still a work in progress

Submitted by Roland on Mon, 2010-05-03 00:39

[thanks to WOMWORLD Nokia for the N900 review unit, the following is my usual stream of consciousness; conclusions later :-) !]

Things I like:

  1. Eye Candy - Great Effects
  2. Audio - Fun sound effects
  3. The truly open potential of Maemo since Maemo (now Meego) is a "normal Linux" not some half open / half proprietary b*stardized Linux like Android. This means out of the box I can install with minimal effort and do all the normal Linux things like install Ruby, python, use SSH etc
  4. Firefox ! Yes. Being able to write Firefox add-ons and HTML5 webapps is (eventually once the speed is improved and Firefox has some time to iterate and improve)) going to be very very good thing
  5. Camera while not as great as the N82 is much better than the iPhone

Things I don't like:

  1. Phone is an app and seems like a half baked app at that. Not sure how to invoke it.
  2. The media player app doesn't multi-task with the camera app. If I am playing music and switch to the camera app, the music stops
  3. Touch Screen is unresponsive
  4. UI performance seems to lag and the latency of the UI is often too slow. Seems very sluggish in other words
  5. No real twitter client, give me something like Gravity please
  6. No ShoZu - the built in sharing programs and PixelPipe are not my cup of tea; I prefer my multi-media to be uploaded automatically (or at least not 1 at a time; need to be able to select unlimited number of photos and videos and upload them)
  7. Maemo UI is non-intuitive but it has potential (to me Meego has more potential in the long run than Symbian!)
  8. Camera is sluggish when processing photos and is also slow to power up and auto-focus and to take a shot when compared to the N82

E75 Review Part 5 - Cost reduced E75 w/built in Qik, ShoZu & Gravity would be a killer multi-media creator phone aka buy the C6

Submitted by Roland on Mon, 2010-05-03 00:11

The Thrilling conclusion: Archaic OS + wonderful 3rdparty apps (e.g. ShoZu + Qik + Gravity) = mobile multimedia creator happiness iff:

  1. You can get this phone at a good price (since it's now over a year old, maybe you can get the E75 at a substantial discount e.g. $200)
  2. You don't mind the user unfriendliness of S60V3 and the puny 320x240 screen. S60 V3 is unfriendly and archaic compared to iPhone and Android and other modern mobile operating systems but Symbian has some excellent free or cheap 3rd party programs for mobile multi-media content creators i.e. Gravity + ShoZu + Qik are all free or under 10 Euro each which means that with these programs you have a multi-media creator's powerhouse.

But since the Nokia C6 was introduced does it make sense to consider the E75? Not for me. the C6 is cheaper, has a bigger screen and more up to date software!

C'mon Nokia bundle ShoZu, Qik and Gravity with the C6 and pitch the phone to multi-media creators, students and journalists! It would be a killer combo.

E75 Review Part 4 - Streaming via Qik uses lots of bandwidth

Submitted by Roland on Sun, 2010-05-02 23:49

Got my phone bill last month and it's my highest bandwidth usage ever. 875MB primarily because I streamed 640x480 video using Qik on the E75. Just goes to show you that as I have suspected, once you start streaming at 640x480 or higher e.g. HD, your mobile bandwidth is going to start rapidly rising and suddenly having a multi-gigabyte data plan makes sense!

In other words once Apple catches up :-)  with Nokia in terms of being able to stream 640x480 or higher resolution video over 3G, 3.5 G or 4G, it's going to bring the mobile network to its knees (at least the Canadian mobile networks and probably most other North American ones which are not designed for mass market video streaming)!

E75 Review Part 3 - I'm a fan of the future - High Speed always on always available connectivity w/great video & still cameras

Submitted by Roland on Tue, 2010-04-06 23:08

As I blogged about before (e.g. with my N999 concept), the future is great cameraphone pictures & video coupled with always on, always available connectivity. And the closest thing so far to this future is 3.5G combined with a cameraphone with a decent video camera and still camera, i.e. not the current iPhone's cr*ppy camera.

Sometimes I actually see glimpses of the future. That's how I felt tonight with Qik streamed live (check out the video below after the break) over HSDPA 3.5G from the E75-1. What a great wonderful tool for artists and journalists. Imagine if instead of the decent camera in the E75, it was replaced with the camera from the N93 i.e. something with a usable optical zoom and a Zeiss lens!. Magic! Nokia please make it so :-)



I'm a fan of the future - quick video at Vancouver Startup Drinks

E75 Review Part 2 - E75-1 compatible with Fido Rogers 3.5G

Submitted by Roland on Mon, 2010-03-22 22:36

Part 2 of my E75 review is a short update to say that the E75-1 works great with Rogers/Fido 3.5 G aka HSDPA and it's fast with ShoZu and Gravity. I thought that Rogers HSDPA was only compatible with the E75-1 (but a search through the specs shows that the E75-1 works great with 2100MHz but not 850MHz HSDPA and Rogers offers 2100MHz so that makes sense!). Now I am dreaming of having an N86 and/or N900 with 3.5G. Wow that would be fast and a great experience!

E75 Review Part 1 - Gravity Rocks, still the same old frustrating S60 issues like "Create WLAN connection in offline mode"

Submitted by Roland on Sun, 2010-03-21 23:20

A while back I thought I lost my N82. In my panic I tweeted about the horror of using the iPhone 3G's camera (I love iPhone apps but hate the camera!) and the nice folks at WOMWORLD Nokia offered to lend me an E75 with a QWERTY keyboard and 3.2 megapixel camera until I bought an N82 replacement.

Fortunately I found the N82 but by then I had the E75 (thanks to Tom Hall of WOMWORLD Nokia!)

So this will be an abbreviated series of stream of consciousness reviews

  1. I actually like the E75 form factor. It's light and thin! And the slide is nice
  2. Gravity rocks on it. Best Twitter client on any mobile platform. Only limited by the small screen.
  3. The screen doesn't have enough pixels! (320x240 belongs in the dustbin of history :-) certainly doesn't belong on a "business" phone like the E75 that was introduced in spring of 2009!) So Gravity and other heavy text and graphics based apps like the web browser suffer
  4. S60 5th 3rd edition shall we say is "long in the tooth". I am not going to repeat my past anti-S60 whingeing (e.g. N97 S60 whingeing) :-) Suffice to say that anachronistic unusable error messages  like"Create WLAN connection in offline mode?" abound. As well as the many other S60 issues (e.g. the antiquated web browser, c'mon Nokia, put a modern Web Kit browser on the E75 via a software update, please!)
  5. The camera is decent. Far better than the iPhone (and the E71) but not nearly as good as the N82 which shows you that Nokia is still ahead of Apple (but for how much longer?) - check out my e75 photos:


N97 Review - Can't recommend it to others but I would buy one with my own money

Submitted by Roland on Tue, 2009-07-21 20:30

N97 Review Thrilling Review Conclusion - only recommended for S60 geeks

If I had money which I don't due to transitions in employment and the need to pay $8000 for a new roof, I would buy an N97 NAM with my own money. But, unfortunately (it pains me to slag Nokia since I desperately want Apple to have viable competition longterm and slagging Nokia is like slagging my first love since I loved my first cameraphone, the 1 megapixel Nokia 7610 I bought in 2004!)  I can not  recommend the Nokia N97 for other people i.e. people who are not already S60 geeks.

Buy an iPhone 3GS instead. Sure the camera on the 3GS s*cks compared to the N82, N95, N97, N86, etc but the software is a joy to use and the touch focus is something that Nokia should have done first. and there is a viable useful app ecosystem for the iPhone unlike Nokia (sure it may develop but there is no sign of it).

The N97 works for me because of these apps (in no order):

  • ShoZu - Sorry Pixelpipe your service is unusable until Nokia fixes Share Online, sharing only 30 items at a time is a non starter for me.  The unreliable Share Online which has no cues about whether a photo has been uploaded already is a major annoyance.)
  • Gravity - Gravity rocks, it's one of the best Twitter clients on any platform and is continually being improved! Gravity makes the N97 QWERTY keyboard useful instead of a frill. Without gravity, I'd be content with the superior camera of the N86 8MP and pecking away in g*d aweful T9)
  • Nokia Sports Tracker is a must have for tracking your bicycle rides, walks,etc. It is full of annoyances like not remembering any of your preferences (I always want to share my Maps with everybody, please don't ask OVER AND OVER again) but works well and is very useful and works in the background unlike the iPhone trackers all of which are useless because the iPhone doesn't allow 3rd party apps to multi-task
  • QIK, video streaming need I say more. It just works and keeps getting improved!

If you love the above apps or any of the other few (there are about 50 good apps on S60, on iPhone there are several hundred good apps!) good apps on S60, then that probably means you are an S60 geek and then the only choice in 2009 is either the N86 8MP or N97. However once a 5 megaxel iPhone with decent video comes out in 2010, then I fear Nokia at its current rate of stagnation won't even be able to keep S60 geeks like myself happy.

Why normal people should NOT buy  the N97:

  • the UI is impossible to use for non S60 geeks, hand the N97 and iPhone 3GS to a newbie and may G*d have mercy on your soul :-) ! Can't stand S60 constantly nattering at you asking whether you want to connect or not, of course I do ! touch inconsistently works from screen to screen, app to app and a host of other UX issues
  • the whole thing feels like a work in progress e.g. widgets are a great proof of concept but in reality aren't really that useful, e.g. the twitter and facebook widgets don't display enough useful info and autoscroll, they just display the last 10 or so status updates, these widgets feel like "hello world" rather than actually useful
  • instability - e.g. I reset the phone via *#7370#, set the camera to sequence multiple shot mode and take 16 pictures and the camera app freezes; if Nokia can't get their camera app to work in 2009 no wonder ShoZu also has stability issues
  • there's not enough RAM - even if you install all the apps on the built in 32GB mass memory you still run out of RAM


N97 Review Penultimate Installment - Camera forgets its GPS setting, etc

Submitted by Roland on Sun, 2009-07-19 21:14

The N97 has to go back to Womworld in England on Tuesday so here are my penultimate observations:

  1. There's a bug in the camera app which causes it to forget the GPS setting occasionally. This is annoying because this means I have to re-enable GPS every time I start the camera app (or at least double check that it is still on). Easily fixed I bet in a post V11 firmware update
  2. The speakers are tinny but loud, great to listen to while riding my bicycle! Far better than iPhone mono sound!
  3. The keyguard lock issue came back today so it's not ShoZu or Sports Tracker causing it!
  4. Needless to say multi-tasking with S60 (e.g. playing music with the music player, tracking your bicycle ride with Nokia Sports Tracker and taking photos) works great until you inevitably run out of RAM or the camera app crashes.It's ridiculous that you can run out of RAM with the N97 in 2009 as it is supposedly a "flagship" device. C'mon Nokia please put 256MB RAM or greater in the N97 successor
  5. The GPS lock is faster than the N82 and N95 but I don't have time to measure how much faster. It seems a bit flakey compared to a dedicated GPS unit like the LD-4W which is disappointing but to be expected

N97 Review Day 10 and 11 - Pixelpipe and Share Online woes continue

Submitted by Roland on Tue, 2009-07-14 10:46

Pixelpipe has been very responsive for tech support via twitter and comments on this blog (thanks! i have done technical support in the past and appreciate the speedy service!) but unfortunately I am still having problems

I. Routing Tags not working

Summary: routing tags are not working, if i tag something "@f" without the quotes in the title or tags field or the body, it incorrectly gets posted to instead of

Here are the answers to the questions asked by Pixelpipe support:

  1. pixelpipe support: "Try uploading to the 2nd account directly from Quick Post to verify it's been configured, if the upload goes to the 1st account log out of Flickr and add the 2nd account again."
    • Roland's response: I deleted "wongtanglao" which is the second account in pixelpipe and re-added it and then did a quick post from the web app i.e. firefox on my mac  to "wongtanglao" and it worked fine i.e. it went to the 2nd account which is wongtanglao!
  2. pixelpipe support: "Are you using Share Online 4.30 (beta)? The latest version supports resume, background uploads and even has an Outbox which includes a status of your uploads."
    • Roland's response: I am using Share Online ver S60 Version 5.0 (which I believe was installed when I updated my N97 to the V11 firmware which came out on July 1, 2009)

Herewith screenshots of my pixelpipe config:

My pipes

Pixelpipe - Destinations (for tech support)

roland account

Pixelpipe - settings for flickr account roland (for tech support)

wongtanglao account

Pixelpipe - settings for flickr account Wongtanglao (for tech support)

II. Photos not uploaded to flickr from Share online and pixelpipe

I seem to have found a bug in the share online/pixelpipe combo

Thee following two photos were uploaded to pixelpipe but never made it to flickr, could pixelpipe support please look into this?


III. Suggestions for Share Online and Pixelpipe for improvement

  1. implement a global upload status indicator (i.e. an icon that shows up and has two states: upload pending, and upload complete) for photos in the gallery app (which seems to be called "Photos" on the N97) like Shozu, otherwise if you take more than 30 photos in a day (which I do daily) it becomes impossible to track which photos you have uploaded and which you have not. The outbox doesn't work well.

N97 Review Day 8 and 9 - No Keyguard lock issues but not impressed by pixelpipe and share online

Submitted by Roland on Sat, 2009-07-11 22:10

OK, I am voluntarily living without ShoZu to see if it is causing the "N97 keyguard switch not unlocking the phone" problem, so I have tried using Share Online and Pixelpipe (running V11 firmware, unlocked N97-1, Fido SIM) but I am not happy (pretty hard to be happy with another solution after using ShoZu to upload over 28000 photos, I guess!):

  1. Share online doesn't resume when you lose connectivity and re-gain connectivity (which Shozu does very well)
  2. Share online doesn't show you transfer status so you never know when/if your upload works unless you check the flickr or pixelpipe website (pretty sure this is a Share Online bug not a pixelpipe bug)
  3. Pixepipe routing tags don't work for two flickr accounts. I have set up my account ( to route to my family account (wongtanglao on flickr) when the routing tag "@family" is added. But that doesn't work. The photo goes to my public account (roland on flickr). I have tried putting the @family in the title, body and the Nokia Share Online tags field for the photo but it doesn't work, the photo still goes to instead of HELP, please! All assistance gratefully received and if I fix it of course I will blog a followup!


N97 Review Day 7 - Return of the Keyguard / Lock Switch Problem

Submitted by Roland on Thu, 2009-07-09 14:53

Twice now in the last 24 hours, my N97-1 running the V11 firmware has auto-locked and subsequently pressing the keyguard aka lock switch on the right side and trying some N97 unlock voodoo from the last time this happened didn't work. I'm am going to do a hard reset and not re-install Nokia Sports Tracker and ShoZu (both of which are unofficial 5800 versions) and if it comes back, I can then definitely blame the hardware and firmware. Stay tuned!

N97 Review Day 6 - DemoCamp Vancouver 7 Video Test

Submitted by Roland on Wed, 2009-07-08 11:15

I can't tell which is better N97 video or N82 video! Caveats: I don't have a keen eye and I only did limited testing last night at Demo Camp Vancouver 07 before the N97 battery ran out.

Both of the following videos are from the Anahita Social Engine demo last night at DemoCamp Vanocouver

Check out the flash videos below but for the best test download and compare and contrast:

N82 Video in flash format:

N97 Video in flash format:

N97 Review Day 4 - Random Reboots and USB Charging flakiness

Submitted by Roland on Sun, 2009-07-05 23:21

Experienced the usual "early Nokia firmware why-can't they-get-it-right-the-first-time" glitches today on the N97:

  1. The phone rebooted when I inserted the USB cable to recharge it
  2. USB charging via the USB cable didn't work until I rebooted the phone (charging via the USB to normal Nokia power charger coverter dongle worked flawlessly!)

As Dave Winer says, "We make sh*tty software". The frustrating part is that Nokia doesn't seem to improve its firmware for the initial release of its phones. My 7610 in 2004 and the trial N97 I have today in 2009 both have random reboot problems and other glitches; the fit and polish of the initial Nokia firmware releases (i am running the 2nd release i.e. V11 on the N97 but it doesn't seem very polished) hasn't improved in the last five years. C'mon Nokia, you can and should do better, please!

N97 Review Day 3 - GPS lock is faster and more reliable then before

Submitted by Roland on Sun, 2009-07-05 00:48

The N97 GPS lock seems to be much faster than the N82 or N95. In fact it seems to be almost as fast as the lock from the dedicated Nokia LD-4W GPS. I'll try to do some more formal measurements later but subjectively it has been impressively fast so far!

N97 Review Day 2 - Photos photos photos

Submitted by Roland on Fri, 2009-07-03 23:28

This N97 photo would have been blurry on the N82 - 03072009116

More stream of consciousness this time focused on photos (after taking about 50 from a bicycle today):

  1. Sure would be nice to be able to turn off the touch UI. Many times I accidentally touched the screen and switched to the secondary camera, accidentally engaged the digital zoom or  changed some camera setting that I didn't want to change.
  2. Would be nice to have the 'touch the screen' focus that the iPhone 3GS has. Unbelievable that Nokia didn't come up with this first!
  3. The new camera chip and software is fast! The new 1/1000 shutter speed means it's very difficult to take blurry photos in sunlight which for me is a drag (but admitedly  my obsession with taking blurry photos of passing trains, cars and buses is not normal :-) !) I want my blurry photos back, anybody know how to do this? I tried night mode and setting the ISO to the lowest setting to no avail.
  4. ShoZu crashed but this is not a surprise since I am using the 5800 version i.e. an unofficially unsupported version.
  5. Would be nice to have a mechanical latch to prevent the keyboard from sliding out while taking pictures during my bicycle ride!
  6. All in all I like the camera for taking stills (video is next thing to try) but I think that if you are focused on photos then a more traditional form factor phone without touch like the N86 8MP would be the way to go.

N97 Review Day 1 Stream of Consciousness

Submitted by Roland on Fri, 2009-07-03 00:45
  1. The N97 touch UI is a wart on top of an S60 wart. The S60 touch UI  works  only if you are an S60 geek like me or sloanb. For the mass market aka "humans" as Marc Canter calls normal people :-), S60 and the S60 touch UI are unusable. Please Nokia (speaking as a friend who wants Nokia to thrive instead of merely surviving the iPhone juggernaut):
    1. fix the S60 UI as per Rui's suggestions
    2. start a separate stealth division or company to re-do the UI (as I  previously advocated after Nokia Open Lab 2008 and as Alec Saunders advocated today  or just buy Palm :-)  (yes I know buying Palm is unrealistic, but in the long run it's just as valid as Maemo (which I like but is just for geeks at this point) or even worse trying to revamp S60 to make it usable)
  2. Having said that, I am strangely enjoying using the N97 (the Touch makes perfect sense if you have been living and breathing S60 since 2004 like I have!). I love the beautiful big screen (the N82 screen seems tiny and dark by comparison) and the camera seems faster shot to shot and the pictures are not bad in regular light (e.g. this photo of Dane from the N97 looks better than this photo of Dane with the N82 (need to view both at original size) wouldn't you agree?).
  3. Nokia not having full Mac support for the N97 at launch time in 2009 is inexcusable. The days of the Microsoft hegemony are over. Get over it Nokia, the 1990s are over :-) !
  4. Even if Ovi Maps supported the Mac, I doubt I'd like it. I bet I'd feel the same way as Stefan i.e. I'd still use Google Maps instead of Ovi.
  5. Over the air update of my trial N97 (which is European) firmware worked flawlessly. Unfortunately as per Ms Jen, the same can't be said of the N97 NAM, again inexcusable for a flagship device.
  6. Still not a fan of widgets:
    1. Rather have the weather widget use the official and best Canadian forecast which is Environment Canada's
    2. The facebook app doesn't show enough info and doesn't show Notes
  7. Surprisingly email works better than expected with my gmail account. Major bug is that tags don't show up as IMAP folders which they do in a proper email client like Thunderbird.
  8. Qik, ShoZu and Nokia Sports Tracker (Sports Tracker still has a bad website and inexplicably doesn't upload all the photos you have taken during a ride but that's not an N97 exclusive bug) all work just as well as they do on the N82 and E71 even though none of them except Qik support the N97 officially yet.
  9. Gravity rocks! it's one of the best mobile twitter clients on any platform! Beautiful and fun with the kinetic touch scrolling.
  10. The Web Browser still feels pokey and outmoded compared to the iPhone web browser. Please fix!
  11. As many others have pointed out, the keyboard is fine except that "long" key presses should result in numbers or the other symbols instead of auto-repeating the key.This works fine in the E71! Please fix in a future firmware update.

The N97 ain't my N999 concept but it's closer

Submitted by Roland on Wed, 2009-07-01 23:15

On the night before I receive my N97 from Nokia WOM World for a brief trial, just for fun I looked back at my N999 concept/vision from December 1, 2008. And what the heck here's the N999 concept updated for July 2009 (notable updates are in bold):

  1. screen with as many pixels as the 5800 Tube or iPhone (sorry but QVGA doesn't cut it in 2009!)
  2. S60 simplified and fixed as Rui describes
  3. 5 megapixel camera with cover and Xenon flash with 3x optical zoom and 640x480 30fps video (basically re-use the awesome N82 camera hardware and software and combine with the N93 optical zoom)
  4. Quad band GSM and 3G (i.e. works on Rogers and AT&T in North America AND European 3G out of the box just like the N85, no funky North American model)
  5. Built in ShoZu (with 10MB limit removed for 3G and WiFi, make the limit 50-200MB for 3G and WiFi) - killer app for photographers and videobloggers - Qik is built  into the N97 why not ShoZu? (I can't stand Share Online's limit of 6 photos at a time since I take over 50 a day; hope it's removed on the N97)
  6. Bult-in Qik (killer app for videobloggers!) - Qik is built  into the N97 can't wait to try it!
  7. Awesome web browser (Nokia's Web Kit browser was great in 2006, it is now far behind Apple's)
  8. Lots of available RAM (as much as the N95 8GB please!), 8GB storage on built-in card - Reviews are mixed on the N97, sounds like it has a lot of RAM (more than the N95 8GB)  but with widgets it takes up a lot more. - I doubt I will use widgets!
  9. Built in Nokia viNes to take advantage of Nokia's great GPS hardware (killer GPS app!) - viNes apears to be dead. Nokia Sports Tracker appears to be alive, so I'd rather have that built-in
  10. Built in Twitter App i.e. built in Gravity

Now I know the above list is not possible given today's processors and batteries but in that case I can live without optical zoom! Everything else is doable as far as I can tell.

I still don't need:

  1. QWERTY keyboard - I'd rather have an awesome camera and flash than a touch or QWERTY keyboard. And for me touch keyboards are just as good as QWERTY.
  2. Email (Email is dead to me (ok email isn't dead but my resolution is to take any email thread  that I need to keep that has more than 2 replies to a wiki or blog); I continue to use it  for work and to communicate with "normal" folks!) - If the browser is as good as the iPhone's, then webmail clients work just fine.
  3. Touch (would be nice, but not convinced Nokia has the software chops for this; I am not interested in S60 transmogrified with touch, I would prefer touch to be part of a totally revamped user interface that's NOT S60.) - Unfortunately it appears that Nokia's current touch interface s*cks. I hope I am proven wrong by my N97 trial.
  4. Micro SD card slot
  5. Calendar (would be nice but that's what my laptop is for :-) !) - Again with a good enough browser a web client would be good enough)
  6. IM (Twitter is IM enough for me and I am fine with using it in the browser)
  7. VOIP is dead to me except for Skype
  8. MMS - I am not convinced I need it, I can always use ShoZu email photos :-) but I was wrong about SMS (so maybe I am wrong about MMS) - I am pretty sure I am wrong about MMS and I am pretty sure (unfortunately) I will be MMSing my relatives with pictures since they all finally seem to have MMS plans and devices and none of my luddite :-) relatives still use flickr or any of the other public or private photosharing sites!


Gravity S60 Twitter client is the exception that proves the rule

Submitted by Roland on Mon, 2009-04-06 02:57

Gravity s60 twitter client Screenshot0069

Gravity, the fantastic S60 Twitter client proves that German S60 developers continue to rule the moribund S60 apps ecosystem (unfortunately the S60 app industry is a cottage industry compared to the iPhone app industry). First, profimail ruled the world (back in 2004 when I bought my first S60 phone and thought the mobile email was relevant, just say no to mobile email, just say yes to short form customized mobile two way communication like Twitter) and now gravity rules. And if you don't believe me that the iPhone app industry is clearly dominant over the S60 app industry than that's your prerogative and I'd have to wish you the best of luck making money with your S60 apps!

Behold the awesomeness of Gravity in my Gravity Screenshot set on flickr!

DRAFT Nokia Sports Tracker Tutorial in pictures

Submitted by Roland on Mon, 2009-04-06 02:44

Sports Tracker Screenshot0047

Here's my very rough draft Nokia Sports Tracker Tutorial for the recently released version 2.06. It still is too complicated and harder to use than Nokia viNe but appears to be regularly updated unlike viNe. And it still doesn't remember my Live Sharing Pref which I think is a bug and is annoying because I want my maps to be always shared ]!


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