Awesome Feedster stuff is now available in both RSS and email! Go Feedster Go!

Now if only somebody would fund them so they could do the equivalent of Google Alerts for both the RSS generating websites and the non RSS generating sites, that would be great. I am sick and tired of my Google Alert emails clogging up my inbox and the fact that Google doesn’t support RSS.

It’s great that Feedster is providing email alerts for those still not using an RSS reader but in terms of knowledge flow, I know it would be impossible to keep up with all my knowledge sources without my RSS reader. Having RSS as email simply wouldn’t work!

From Feedster Alerts:


"But Scott I Have an Aggregator..." This is definitely a paradoxical feature.  Feedster News Alerts deliver an alert to you via email that something matching your query has been found.  Yes I know -- you have an aggregator and you don't want email.  I know.  I know.


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