Can’t wait until May 15 to try this out! Looks like a great RSS reader but not a blog writer. Would be great if that was added but if not, I’m happy to use ecto.

From NSLog(); - PulpFiction:


PulpFiction: I've mentioned this application several times. I've displayed its icons. I've joked about it. I've hinted at it. It's been listed on the Freshly Squeezed Software site since before the introduction of Rock Star. I could claim I've been trying to build a buzz, but in reality, we've just been taking our time getting it done. Originally intended to be released October 24 (does that date ring a bell?), I can now announce that PulpFiction should be out on May 15. Beta testing will begin May 1. The price will be set sometime between those two dates. Almost all of our features are done - we're bug-squashing and internally beta testing. Many of you have ventured a guess at what PulpFiction is and does. Some of you have come close. Nobody's nailed it completely, and, oddly enough, none of you have ever noticed this button on my blog. It's been there for at least six months: I seldom speak of NetNewsWire on my blog even though I've got eight dozen feeds attached to this blog and about 100 subscriptions. I've got all sorts of friends, tech blogs, etc. to keep up with. And now I'll admit it: I don't like NNW. It doesn't work as I want it to work. It offers no permanence, no filters, and no real built-in browser. It's got a Weblog editor I couldn't care less about and a price tag of $39. I've paid it, and I've used it for months. I appreciate that it suits some people, but I am no longer one of them. Brent does amazing work. So does Freshly Squeezed Software. I'm a big fan of "if you don't like it, do something better." I believe that PulpFiction is that "something better." It's better for me, anyway, and it may be better for you. Yes, PulpFiction is an aggregator of XML feeds. Its top ten features...


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