I agree with Steve Gillmor. There is no RSS Bubble. If anything RSS, syndication and aggregation have been under hyped and under utilized!

From The RSS Bubble:


So let's talk about the RSS Bubble. Between NewsGator on the Tablet PC and NetNewsWire on the Mac, I can capture and retain full-text feeds and RSS enclosures, view them with embedded browsers and media players, apply add-in capabilities to publish and auto-subscribe via drag-and-drop or right-click menu commands, and incorporate XML Web services such as search, reputation filtering, and conversation mining. The emancipation of Web authoring has already democratized information publishing. In turn, RSS provides a mechanism to liberate the other end of the pub sub collaboration. When subscribers can harness the aggregated authority of the feeds and items they and their peers pay attention to, the resulting data will drive the next generation of Net business models. This self-correcting feedback loop may have the added benefit of reducing the violent fluctuations we experience between boom and bust. We're already seeing this leveling effect in the Sun/Microsoft deal, with blog postings by James Gosling and Eric Rudder counteracting the noise from the media and analysts spaces. So Christopher, you go your way and I'll go mine. I'm just calling it as I see it. I've yet to see anyone move to RSS and then abandon it. If that's a Bubble, bring it on. But if hype turns out to be true, is it hype?


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