Excellent, looking forward to the sequel about CSS!

From mezzoblue  §  A Roadmap to Standards:


This afternoon I was asked by a friend what I would recommend to an old designer who wants to learn more about web standards, CSS, XML, and XHTML. This is a perfect example of when an email response is better posted here for a wider audience (and Google). So here’s my answer: this is a comprehensive, informal, and somewhat long-winded roadmap for anyone who has heard about web standards, thinks they might want web standards, but doesn’t know where to start. Stop! Before you do anything, the most important thing you can do for your learning process is accept that a) it’s going to take time, and b) you will be frustrated along the way. But you’re not alone. Plenty of us who have taken the plunge into standards went through the same, and there is a growing body of work devoted to helping make your life easier. The old-timers had to figure out the hard way all the tricks and techniques we now take for granted; lucky folks who came in later (myself included) can benefit from their sweat and tears. In the end, when your skill using standard-based design eclipses your skill using old-school table-based methods, you’ll look back and marvel at how much more sense it makes to layout a page with CSS.


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