Lisa nails it! Go RSS! From cadence90 - Why Renaming RSS Won’t (and Shouldn’t) Work:


For many years I was a technology analyst, and I saw this "can't we have a better name?" phenomenon dozens of times. There is one notable thing about this phenomenon: it always happens when a technology is just on the cusp of becoming mainstream. The fretting about the name is usually prompted by concerns like "will newbies get it?" In essence, it's a form of condescension. Of course WE understand RSS, but how could THEY (insert target of derision, be it AOL users, older people, The Great Unwashed and Untechnical here). Don't we have to make it more "obvious and descriptive" so THEY will "get it"? We must remember that nearly all technical terms -- not just relating to the Internet but to all popular technologies -- were once unfamiliar. Since the renaming effort comes so late -- after there are often hordes of developers using the standard, and hordes of applications -- it's generally impossible for a new name to propagate fast enough to catch up with the rolling, growing snowball of the original name.


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