Over a 100 million phones with Java MIDP on them. Hmmm. Now if that’s not a platform, what is? That’s more mobile phones sold in one year than Macs sold in 10 years! Developers developer developers. Ballmer was right. Sun needs to somehow capitalize on these Java phones and get some apps out there!

From Russell Beattie Notebook - The mBoom:


In the next quarter coming up, a good chunk of the phones are going to be MIDP 2.0/WAP 2.0 phones, if not all of them. By the end of the year, almost 600 million new phones will be sold and all will be capable of mobile data services and applications. 150+ million will be camera phones, and a good percentage will be advanced smart phones too. And not only are the handsets arriving in vast numbers, data services have arrived as well. GPRS and CDMA2000 1x is rolled out worldwide, EDGE is here in the U.S and 3G has arrived in Europe and Asia. We have the devices and we have the connectivity. Woohoo! Finally! The time many of us have been waiting for since the end of the Internet Boom in 2000 is here. It's the mBoom! Get ready...


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