Words to live by!

From Fast Company Now:


I get asked two questions a lot. One is, "What can we do?" The other is, "How the hell did you ever get into this?" I have researched both questions with equal intensity. For the first one, the soundbite answer is: Look in the mirror. What are we doing wrong? Among the Mayan Indians, they're very good at this. In Mayan villages, when youth become brutal or violent, there's a council that's held by the elders in which they ask themselves what they did wrong that led their children to become so violent. The other question, why did you do this, had nothing to do with my upbringing, nature, or nurture. I grew up in Shreveport. Shreveport is so conservative we call the rabbi bubba. It must be something about the soul. Now, I know next to nothing about the soul. So about half of this will be incorrect, but I'm not sure which half. What has man believed about the soul since the beginning of time? In all of the literature across multiple cultures, there are common beliefs about the soul. What are those believes? First, that it exists. That it comes here from someplace else. That it comes here for a reason and with a purpose. Initiation is a misnomer. It's really remembering. The soul comes here to make the world a better place. And that means changing things. That generates passion. How can we remember again? All I can recommend is silence.


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